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Have to apologize to my commissioners. Been extremely busy the last few days and SUPER distracted. I will try to do your commissions by the end of the week. Slots are still open so yeah. Sorry for all the trouble.
So apparently I'm way past 45000 pageviews. Thanks guys. Wonder what you see in some loser dork like me but glad to have people viewing xD
More stories soon. Might do a kiriban at 50000. Not sure yet. Though it'll be another year before that happens xD
   Evagelion (Chicken TF)

    When working for NERV, almost anything is believed to be possible. From piloting strange giant suits to even changing the bases of reality. That alone made things open to almost anything to occur. Thus the present situation was indeed possible... However it was one that no one had ever expected to occur.

Over the past few months the brilliant scientist known as Ritsuko Amagi had been working in secret. No one among her- not even her closest of friends- were aware of what the woman was up to. Said woman actually working on an extremely experimental chemical of sorts. One that would change the face of war along with who had the most power. 

Ritsuko spent countless hours working on her project. Finally hitting a break through once hitting the right mixture. Making it so that she would now be steps ahead of everyone else. With one single item she created Ritsuko would rise to the top. However tragedy struck while she was in the midst of creating an antidote upon the chemical's creation. 

Upon the item being completed and left in a sealed capsule, the blonde had somehow actually made a small tear in the item. Not knowing the chemical had actually weakened it to the point it would be easily torn like a sheet of paper. In doing so releasing a foreign gas into her room. As the antidote was but a few keystrokes away on her computer she was struck with the gas' potent effects. Ritsuko soon finding herself consumed by the strange gas before it finally faded away. Leaving her in the present situation.

 A little blonde feathered chicken in a pile of clothing. Clucking away as she was lost to this new form. Around the same time as her changes had ended the door slid open.

"Rits! You in here?" Upon hearing her name the little chicken turned to the sliding doorway. In entering the young commander known as Misato. Looking around the purple haired woman could not see her friend. Only to notice the chicken on the ground.

"Well hello there little chick. Now what are you doing... wait... are those Rits' clothes? Why would they...?" Misato began to question. Only to feel a strange sensation overcome her senses. Arms folding to her side into a wing like shape. Foot kicking the ground before one thing escaped her lips.


Misato's eyes grew wide at the stance she was taking. Having not expected to suddenly start acting so oddly she blushed hard, looking around before seeing something odd. On the table nearby was an empty capsule- a large tear in it. Misato looking at it before taking note of a little bit of gas coming off it. It was not a heavy amount but it was still there. 

"W-what was that about...?" Misato questioned while examining everything in the room. The computer was on with some rather complicated formulas, there was a chicken with blonde feathers, Ritsuko's clothing was on the floor, and there was some strange gas that was in the air. Misato able to tell from the smell that it was likely diluted a little at this point. Putting all the pieces together in her mind Misato felt her eyes widen even more. Ever so slowly looking down at the chicken at her feet. 

"Rits.... Rits is that you...?" Misato let out a soft gasp as the chicken looked up at her for a moment before looking back down. Clucking away as she pecked the floor in search of some worms. Once unable to find any she decided to simply preen her feathers without much notice towards Misato.

The purple haired woman found herself falling up against the wall- back pressed as she began to slid down in shock. "Oh my god... R-Rits what did you do...?!" She questioned in horror while seeing her friend clucking around like a normal chicken. The former just sitting there with a shocked expression before something came out of her lips.

"Bwaca!" Misato's eyes widened in horror once more upon hearing herself cluck like a chicken. Suddenly forced on to her legs once more as she began to kick the ground, bobbing her head in the air while flapping her arms like wings.

"Bwack! Bwaca!" She clucked loudly, body starting to tingle as she did so. Realization hitting her that if it was a gas compound that transformed Ritsuko, then it was likely some of it remained in the air still. Knowing that Misato did the best she could to resist, biting down on her lips before she regained control of her body. Pushing down the strange new instincts to cluck and bob her head with all her might.

"I-I need to get home!" Misato panicked before rushing out of the room. Leaving Ritsuko to sit around and preen herself to the little chicken's content. The purple haired woman rushing as fast as she could down the halls- aiming to get to her car. Maybe if she got away from the headquarters and went home, the air from the trip would regulate her systems and prevent the gas from fully turning her. This was the best she could come up with while dealing with these growing new instincts to act like a chicken. As such she continued to run faster and faster, hoping that this would somehow work.

"Oh! Major. Good afternoon." The purple haired woman felt her eyes grow in shock upon turning a corner, almost running into a certain brunette. Standing in front of her was Maya Ibuki, the young girl an assistant to Ristuko and well known by Misato. The latter looking at her with jittery eyes while trying to look past the woman.

"Have you seen Ritsuko? I have some papers she wanted me to look over and am ready to hand them in." Maya stated while looking at Misato, quietly questioning why the woman seemed to be so shaken up and nervous.

"N-no I bwa, I bwa haven't..." Misato started, quickly realizing that she was starting to cluck in mid sentence. Maya looking at her with a raised brow as Misato began to unconsciously kick the floor with her left foot. The brunette for a moment staying silent before finally questioning the woman.

"Are... you alright Major?" Maya questioned while looking at the kicking woman. Misato flapping her arms for a moment- this surprising Maya a little- before answering her question.

"F-fine. N-need bwack bwack... I need to bwack.. G-go!" Mistao said before pushing Maya aside and running down the hall. Maya quick to regain her balance before looking back at the fleeing Misato. "The heck was that about...?"

After getting past the brunette Misato ran straight to her car. Not wasting any time in opening it up and turning the vehicle on. Hitting the gas as hard as possible and speeding out of the base and into the street. The purple haired woman finding herself having some trouble when first starting the car.

Due to the fact her mind was being filled with chicken like thoughts her idea of hands and fingers were starting to cloud a bit. Making it a bit hard for her to drive at first. The woman swerving a few times before finally realizing that in order to do this she'd have to put all her focus on driving. Meaning for the next few minutes she'd have to think about driving alone... in turn leaving her resistance weakened for that time...

"No choice..." She mumbled before clucking a few more times. Cursing the fact that this was happening to her. "I swear I'm going to need a lot of booze to forget this day..." She mumbled after a few more clucks. Due to these clucks feathers started to sprout all over her body. Arms  slowly but surely covered in purple feathers- not hearing the rips in her clothing simply due to her focus being elsewhere. The woman gritting her teeth as he legs began to harden. Not stopping her from driving as quickly as she could to her home.

It was about five minutes later that she arrived at her home, grateful she had not been pulled over for speeding like a psychopath. Quickly she exited her car to try and see if the distance made any difference. For a moment noticing she did not cluck while standing there... only for her arms to suddenly shift into position again and flap like a chicken's wings. Misato feeling her eyes widen in pure horror as she looked herself over.

During the drive from NERV headquaters back to her home her body had changed a bit. Arms and stomach now covered in feathers and still growing more and more with each passing moment. Tears through her clothing from said feathers. The woman's legs had turned more yellow and started to harden into a texture similar to a chicken's legs. Feet starting to morph as nails sharped within her shoes.

Gritting her teeth Misato realized this wasn't working. Letting out even more clucks and bobbing her head a few more times. With a groan she resisted the thoughts hitting her once again. For a moment eyeing the grass and wondering if there were any juicy worms in it. Knocking that thought away she turned to her nearby doorway. Realizing she needed to get inside and tell Shinji or Asuka about this immediately. 

As Misato began to approach the door however she noted that she no longer walked like a human. Her every step looking more and more chicken like the longer she walked. Entire head bobbing back and forth with each and every step. Misato in a pure state of panic as her mind began to fail her every now and then. 

'A-almost there... Need to... Tell... Shinji... bout... bwack...' Misato was worried as her mind began to display chicken sounds inside of it. Showing her how far she had fallen due to the project Ritsuko was working on. Making a vow to beat the crap out of Ritsuko after they got out of this mess. Since it was likely Ritsuko had an antidote made... Upon opening the door Misato realized her own stupidity.

'I'm an idiot! Bwack! That computer probably had the antidote on it! I need to tell bwack!' Misato tried to rush into the house- unable to do so due to her body simply strutting in like a normal chicken. In the kitchen Shinji pouring himself a glass of milk while Asuka was coming down the hall.

"Ah, you're back early Misat-" Asuna found her words cut off as Misato entered the room. The red head's eyes going wide while looking at her caretaker. Seeing the way her body was shifting structure while she walked forward. Shinji turning to Misato and dropping his glass due to the sight.

Misato all the while was trying her best to resist the changes. "Shin... Asu... Computer... gas.... Bwack..." Misato's words failed her as she felt the final bits of the transformation occur. Her body suddenly sprouting loads of purple feathers. Nose and lips fused into a beak while red flesh appeared on her head like a normal chicken's. Body starting to shrink down rapidly.

Asuna and Shinji screamed out in horror while watching. Seeing Misato's entire body shift in bone structure- arms morphing into a pair of wings while feet turned into little claws. Clothing falling all around her as human form was completely lost. In a matter of minutes where Misato once stood was now a purple colored chicken. Though something different compared to Ritsuko was one thing... her eyes remained the same.

'No no no! This can't be happening! W-wait... why am I able to think straight now...?' Misato questioned while looking over her new chicken body. She was positive that Ritsuko had the brain of a chicken from the way she acted in the base, so why was her brain left in tact.

Putting the pieces together Misato came to a conclusion. Because the gas was much thinner and less concentrated it was likely her resistance prevented her brain from going full chicken along with her body. Granted her instincts were still messing with her a bit. But otherwise she was still mentally herself. This was her chance to communicate with the two kids!

"Asuna, Shinji! Listen to me! You need to contact the headquaters and tell them to get the antidote off of Ritsuko's computer!" Misato cried out. However all that came out of her mouth in reality was, "bwack bwack! Bwacka bwack!" 

The two pilots stood there quietly before one reacted. Asuna flat out falling back due to fainting at the sight. Shinji just standing there as the little purple chicken tried to communicate. Only to fail to deliver. His attention for a moment set on a ringing phone. Not even looking at it due to eyes locked on Misato before picking it up.


"Good afternoon Shinji. Sorry to disturb but the Major left the base acting rather odd. Did something happen to her?" The voice- belonging to Maya- asked through the phone. Shinji looking at the chicken trying to speak before replying.

"...You could say that... Um... Do you know anything about chickens...?" Shinji asked to a now confused Maya. Simply watching as Misato flapped her wings in trying to communicate, only to start to preen them. Shinji questioning his choices in life now... and wondering if this was his fate as well... Hopefully not in his case. For now he needed to buy some bird feed...
CMSN: Friends of a Feather Cluck Together
Another comm by the amazing :icongeistis: Thanks as always.
This time we got Misato joining her friend as a chicken.

Evangelion property of Gainax
Commissioned by :icongeistis:
Written by :iconsoul-of-platinum:
Robin was rather calm as she surveyed the area she stood in. Upon hearing an old enemy of theirs was in the area Robin chose to investigate. Alone simply due to the fact her teammates were all busy at the time, and she was more than enough to deal with anyone they've defeated before.

"Now where is this person...?" Robin questioned while looking around an abandoned warehouse. Having heard that the person in question was hiding out here. Robin choosing to investigate it first hand. Only to discover that the warehouse indeed had some remblence of someone living here. Along with some deflated balloons. 

"Hm... perhaps Buggy...?" Robin thought while picking up one of the balloons. Examining it closely while trying to think why Buggy would be here. So much so she hadn't noticed someone slip right behind her and reach a hand out.

"I cannot think of any reason as to why-!!" Robin's body tensed up as she felt someone touch her rear. The woman wanting to turn around and confront them but finding herself unable to. Entire body surging with a familiar power from a short while back.

Robin felt her eyes widen for a moment as realization struck her. 'It can't be!' she thought as her body began to change. Entire form starting to rapidly inflate with each passing second. Able to audibly hear the air filling her up as skin started to turn into glossy plastic. Clothing changing into plastic and molded with her- body plumping up as hands turned large and balloon like- fingers merged with hand to form giant stubs of sorts. Breast and belly blown up rather large as her had turned balloon like as well. 

'S-Sugar...; Robin thought as her face began to inflate as well. Features such as eyes, nose and mouth merging into the plastic to make it just a flat surface with a face painted on it. Hair turning plastic as well as her entire body was now large and balloon like.

''C-can't... think... Sugar... Balloon.......' Robin could feel her thoughts become quiet upon her change being complete. At her side now Sugar in a little light green dress with seafoam green pokadots. The girl smiling as she ate a few berries.

"Better. Floaties can't do much against their owner after all." She said before eating a few more berries. Right before pushing on Robin and forcing her to fall. The new balloon Robin simply bouncing off the floor as Sugar giggled.

"Now for that Nami girl..."
Have to apologize to my commissioners. Been extremely busy the last few days and SUPER distracted. I will try to do your commissions by the end of the week. Slots are still open so yeah. Sorry for all the trouble.


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