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What anime trope/traits do you hate the most? 

3 deviants said There are a LOT of them...
2 deviants said Curious to hear what you guys think
No deviants said Friend asked me this so figured I'd ask you all
No deviants said Since you know...


What anime trope/traits do you hate the most?
3 deviants said There are a LOT of them...
2 deviants said Curious to hear what you guys think
No deviants said Friend asked me this so figured I'd ask you all
No deviants said Since you know...
(Teddy Bear)

Robin let out a tired groan as she tried to stand up. Barely able to move after facing so many enemies at once- taking them down one by one as best she could. The woman gritting her teeth as she heard someone coming from behind. "Tre-" Robin was about to use her powers to attack the person behind her as quickly as she could, only to go wide eyed upon her body stopping in place. A hand placed against her back suddenly. Robin feeling a surge go through her as her body began to change. 

"Time for you to go back to normal." Robin heard a voice say coming from the person touching her. Robin's eyes widening upon recognizing the voice.

"Sugar?!" Robin cried out before her body began to rapidly shift. Her face started to stretch out as her body began to turn plush. Stomach growing larger as it lost its curves but breast turned to plush. Hands and feet rounded out and made into animal like paws with no fingers. Her face turned into a muzzle and a pair of round ears appearing on her face. Robin falling onto her rear and suddenly no longer able to move or talk. Sugar smiling as she stepped back. 

In place where the beautiful Robin once knelt was now a large Robin teddy bear. Sugar smiling at her newest obedient toy. 

"Much better. Back to where you belong." 



It was no secret that Akiza Izayoi was a great duelist. Known for her special plant based deck, the red haired Signer was quite powerful. Able to take pros down with ease and in a matter of little more than 3 turns at most. 

Thus to continue growing she was presently standing within a private location. Bought by her family before they went on a long trip- Akiza used it to practice her dueling skills in private. In order to have some surprises when dueling.

"Direct attack!" She cried out- her Black Rose dragon shooting at a test dummy. Akiza smiling as it worked perfectly. Another foolproof strategy. The red head smiling before thinking of another strategy she had in mind. It involved a new card she had found the other day.

"Magic Pump Plug. Said to inflate your life points to a new level and gain protection..." Akiza read before shrugging it off. Deciding to place the card on her duel disk and see what happens. 

"Activate! Magic Pump Plug!" Akiza cried out. The card coming to life. Out appearing a small plug taht seemed to belong to a pool toy. Akiza looking at it for a moment with a raised brow. Nothing happening. 

"Is this card busted or- MMMPH!!!" Akiza let out a loud gasp as the plug suddenly forced itself in between her lips. Said lips closed around it as it was materliazed due to Akiza's powers.

"Mmmph!" Akiza cried out. Only to hear a sudden poof. Looking down to see her attire had vanished- leaving her now in a red colored bikini. The duelist blushing a heavy shade of red. Quick to realize her duel disk was now at the other side of the room somehow. Akiza did her best to pull out the plug but to no avail. However when she touched it something odd began to occur. 

In a matter of seconds Akiza began to feel a bit bloated. Eyes growing wide as she saw her stomach, arms and legs begin to inflate. This starting to occur with her entire body. Smooth skin starting to turn glossy and plastic. Hands and feet rounding out before falling onto hands and knees. Stomach laid against the floor with rear raised high.

"MMMhhpH!?!?" Akiza was in a state of panic as she could no longer move. Her body now in an odd position as her breast began to inflate even larger than they were before. Body inflating to odd extents- swimsuit having somehow merged with her new plastic body.

"S-s-sSQQQQQUUUUEEEEAK!" Akiza lost her ability to speak as her eyes became large and glossy. The woman that once stood there no longer even human. What remained in the middle of that building was now a large pool toy. Set with breast on the front and her rear now a resting place for whoever used her. Akiza internally blushing and panicking. Quick to realize this was the effects of the card. 

Upon hearing it Akiza also realized the card was still activated. Which meant so logn as her life points did not drop she would remain like this. Thus she would have to wait for the batteries to die in a few hours. Which meant enduring this humiliating form until then.

"Sqqqueeak..." She muttered as best she could. Now stuck as a pool toy... Might as well think up some new strategies while waiting she figured... So long as she could get rid of this desire to be sat on in a pool...



Sapphire  could not in any way deny how annoyed she felt while looking over the scenario. She had made her way up a mountain to try and find a Mega stone. Dealing with so many problems along the way that made it extremely difficult. But now she was finally at the top. Looking at what appeared to be an alter with a stone on it.

"Found it! At last!" Sapphire cheered before rushing to it. Able to see even from far away the shine of a mega stone. Giggling happily as she stopped in front of it to examine the item. Tilting her head at the picture drawn into the pedestal. Able to see the outline of what appeared to be a Lopunny. While a second picture depicted a change. Possibly a mega form. However the image was too damaged to tell. 

"Hm... so I guess this is Mega Lopunny huh? Awesome~" Sapphire cheered before snatching the gem up and looking it over. Watching it glisten in the light as energy surged through it like little waves. Sapphire just content with getting the new item.

"Man oh man I can't wait to try this out! Just gotta get off this stupid mountain and to a Pokemon Center. The one time I leave Lopunny in the PC..." She sighed, not thinking she would find a mega stone for the bunny. Yet here it was in hand. Sapphire taking a familiar stance with her hand hovering over her bracelet.

"Lopunny! Mega Evolve!" She cried out before pressing the stone. Smiling as nothing occurred due to the fact that Lopunny was not around or holding the stone. "I'm just being silly now. I should probably get out of here already..." Sapphire said before aiming for the way down. Not even remembering on how during her way up she accidentally smacked her stone against a wall. Unaware of a crack inside of it. 

As Sapphire began to walk she heard a strange noise. Looking at her wrist she saw that the stone was starting to glow. "W-wait a second. I don't have Lopunny with me. So why-" Her question was cut off as both the stone and bracelet shone in evolution. Sapphire letting out a scream as her body started to rapidly change. 

Her torso began to thin out a bit while also having a slight curve still. Hands and feet rapidly covered in a fur like fluff that made their ways a bit up her limbs. Fingers turning into little claws while feet turned into paws. Hips darkening in color along with thickening a bit into more muscle. Turning in a darker color version of her hair along with light brown spots all over them. Sapphire able to feel her ears suddenly spring to life and grow beyond long and floppy. Set in sections of three by bits of fluff on her that were colored as her hair. Sapphire unable to do anything even as her face began to turn round.

"W-what is l-o-happp-lopppp!" The girl tried her best to speak but to no avail. Body turning much more animal like but with a human like form to match. After a moment the light faded away. Giving Sapphire a moment to catch her breath.

"Lop? Lopunn-" Sapphire placed her animal like hand over her mouth as sentences did not come out. Instead the sound of a Pokemon did. Looking down she examined herself. Letting out a loud "Loppuny!?" in confusion. She examined herself over. Seeing how she still had her human like figure, but feeling her head and such could tell it was that of a Lopunny. She decided to run over to where the pedestal was. Noting that there was a mirror like substance behind it. Going there she could see she was not like a normal Lopunny. It was different.

'I-is this a mega Lopunny form? Wait! WHY AM I A MEGA LOPUNNY?!?' She thought to herself while trying to figure all this out. Letting out a few sad, "lops" when nothing came to mind. Eventually she realized she would need help. Thus had to find the professor! Thinking quickly she raced down the mountain... only to be caught by Ruby by accident. And well... that was quite the little adventure in itself...



Sumia was quite confused while standing before her daughter. The girl presently looking through what appeared to be a spell book. Rather odd considering Cynthia was not the most adapt when it comes to magic.

"Sweetheart what exactly are you doing??" Sumia finally asked while standing there, clad in nothing but her bikini as her daughter asked of her. Cynthia herself just reading over a few things before turning to Sumia and then back to the book. 

Sumia herself was a bit concerned about this. Her daughter holding a rather foreign looking spell book, one she was not familiar with. Before she could question it though Cynthia finally spoke.

"Okay mom! We are gonna do something extra special!" Cynthia cried out while moving around her mother. Sumia just raising a brow at the girl. Cynthia smiling before saying, "Today we are gonna become the ultimate hero team! Mother and daughter!" 

"Ultimate team...? Honey you and Lucina are the ultimate team. So why would-" Sumia was silenced as Cynthia raised her hand and shouted, "Pegasus!" In an instant a beam of light shot from Cynthia had and collided into Sumia. The latter letting out a shout from the strange magic.

The effects of the magic were rather quick- Sumia feeling her body suddenly grow warm as fur began to appear all over her colored like her hair. Face starting to stretch out as hand and feet turned hard and black- turned into hooves. Her arms and legs reshaping- forcing her onto hands and feet- now perfectly lengthened to match each other. Turned into those of a horse.

"W-what are you-" Sumia's words were cut off as she began to whiney- face turning into that of a horse's while her body grew larger and such. Bikini tearing to shreds due to her now much larger torso. The fur completely covering her body as a pair of wings grew out her back. Sumia now a unique looking pegasus- hair and eyes intact.

"Neeeigh?!?" Sumia whinnied in confusion. Turning to Cynthia for an explanation before feeling a hand against her head. Her eyes going wide before mind going rather blurry. Cynthia smiling at her new pegasus.

"Yosh! Now you and I are gonna be the ultimate team!" Cynthia cheered while petting the new pegasus. Sumia's mind rapidly changed in this new form to thinking, 'Yes owner! We shall be the greatest team ever!' Sumia thought with a happy whiney. Unaware her mind was presently under a spell to be a good pegasus for her owner. Cynthia chuckling before getting on Sumia and both flying off. Cynthia knowing she would now be the ultimate hero with her ultimate pegasus at her side!



Something was wrong... very wrong... That was all Lucina knew of the situation as she tried to stand up. Her entire being feeling weak and frail while dark magic coursed through her. The sounds of chuckling filling her ears as she laid against the floor- unable to do a thing. 

"This is what you get. Thinking you are so high and mighty. And now you shall become a truly lower creature, as you deserve~" The woman spoke. Lucina recognizing the voice but unable to place it. Her mind far too consumed by the rapidly surging magic flowing through her.

"W-what is...?" She was unable to finish her question as her clothing began to melt away into nothing- the magic reacting to it and simply erasing it from her form. Form starting to lose its curves as it took on a more avian form- blue feathers starting to grow all over her.

"Yes. I have chosen the PERFECT form for you~ Don't worry. You won't be smart enough to know what you are anyway. Only a good little pet." The one responsible said as she watched Lucina change. Her legs becoming thinner and harder- turning into those of a large bird. Feet turned into claws while arms began to change as well. Turning into large wings that were covered in blue feathers.

The one responsible smiled as Lucina groaned, trying her best to fight these changes. Knowing it was all for naught as she watched Lucina's entire form lose its human shape, only part left not changed being her face.

'Why... do I...' Lucina could feel her mind start to fade as her lips and nose fused together into a long beak. Neck and face stretching out in one final change- her eyes glazing over as the changes took hold. Leaving laying on the ground a blue colored crane. Said bird after a moment standing up and starting to preen her feathers.  

"There we go. One final touch." With a simple wave of her hand, the one responsible placed one final spell on Lucina. The girl's mind changing against as she stared at the woman- vision of her turning into that of a master. One she must obey. Lucina letting out a low shrill as her thoughts solidified, turning into those of an obedient crane. Only living to serve her master.

That being what the princess now was...
Shorts 8
EVEN MORE SHORTS! Yeah just kinda posting shorts today I guess ^^;
So yeah... This time around we got a few quick ones once again. Some I really enjoyed doing in fact. Though a few of them are outside my usual zone of aftermath but it's fine xD
Please let me know what you think and if any catch your interest in general.

Several inspired by :iconosakatan:, :iconwrenzephyr2:, :iconkobi-tfs: and :icondragon-fangx:. Thanks as usual guys.

Francesca's cheeks were a deep shade of red as she stood before Belle. The former woman pouting as much as she could while her arms were at both sides. Staring at the now much taller woman who was kneeling down at her.

"I DEMAN ou put me in bettah cwothing dis instan!" Francesca yelled at the farmer who was smirking at her. Belle not saying anything for a good thirty seconds before she started to giggle and ruffle Francesca's head- much to the dancer's annoyance.

"Hun no offense, but y'all ain't even big enough ta use a toilet. So y'all ain't got much room to be orderin' me around." Belle said before poking the girl's belly. Francesca blushing harder as she looked down, greeted only to the one year old body she presently sported. Having been shrunken down like so many others in the city and one of the few brought onto Belle's farm for safety.

"Stop waughin! I ish a wady and ou will tweat me wike un!" Francesca again tried to put her foot down, only to have Belle giggle again.

"Hun y'all are in diapers right now. So ya ain't got any room ta say nothin'" Belle countered with a smirk. Francesca looking down at herself one more time before stuttering.

"I... A-ah wady mus not weak... s-so... u-um... s-sut up and wespec me!" Francesca yelled in one final attempt to regain control. Only for Belle to pop a pacifier between the baby's lips- Francesca's eyes wide for a moment before they started to become more slack. Suckling on the soother as it calmed her.

"Better. Now y'all need a nap." Belle said before gathering the tiny dancer in her arms and carrying her off. Francesca finding herself too comfortable against Belle's warmth and the soother in her mouth to protest. Simply resting against the girl before she would take her nap. One of many to come.


(Animal TF)

Marisa always knew she was a bit on the short side. However her current situation was not making her feel any better about that. Due to the fact she was MUCH smaller than usual. Forced to look up at her farmer companion with an annoyed expression. Grumbling softly while the woman continued to chuckle.

"Take it easy hun. Should be able ta fix y'all in a few hours. Though might take some doin' ta do so... But on the plus side, y'all are pretty darn cute like this." Belle said before poking the girl's belly. Marisa trying to ignore how good it felt and instead look at Belle with that same annoyance.

Marisa decided to take a moment to look over herself- greeted to a sight she was not welcome to. Instead of her well set body was that of a mouse. Small in size and stature with purple fur. Her little tail wiggling every now and then while her large ears seemed to pick up every little sound. Trying her best to resist the urge to ask for cheese. Said desire actual answered as Belle suddenly passed her a wedge of cheese. Her eyes growing wide for a moment before she started to munch on it hungrily. Stopping halfway with wide eyes before slowly looking up at Belle.

"We never speak of this..." She muttered before going back to eating her cheese. Belle just chuckling at her little mousy friend.



Ivorii could not deny how embarrassed she felt while standing there. Arms crossed in front of her chest while she looked to the side, trying to not make eye contact with Belle who was standing right there. The farmer sighing softly before she finally spoke.

"Hun, it's okay. It ain't a normal circumstance after all, and y'all did good gettin' everyone out of there." Belle said while kneeling in front of Ivorii. The latter blushing a bit as Belle ruffled her hair. "And y'all are pretty cute like this ya know." Belle chuckled before taking another look at Ivorii.

For like many others Ivorii had been transformed. Instead of the short but buxom Goddess that should have been standing there was instead a child. Likely 4 to 5 years old with her outfit consisting of a cow print shirt and black shorts. Belle having gotten her the outfit once she found the tiny Goddess and others in the city. Ivorii herself blushing before Belle continued.

"We still ain't found out what that weird gas was, or how it negated all of y'alls powers. Hell if y'all hadn't ah called me I'd be all small too and we'd be in danger. So y'all seriously helped everyone out hun. Be proud ah that." Again Ivorii's blush darkened at the praise she got from Belle. Still annoyed that she was shrunken down into a child but realized it could have been much worse. Belle standing back up and nodding.

"Alright, now y'all and me got some work ta do. Ready ta save ah city?"



(Animal TF)

Belle was honestly not sure how to handle the current situation. The farmer having been left with Marisa's friends- the magic user asking Belle to watch them for a while. Belle agreeing since she knew the farm was quite safe and the duo would be protected from any stray magic or such. Thus was the nature of her land. Everything seemed to go well for them- Belle getting along with the duo quite well. Things however got bad as soon as she decided to let them explore the farm a bit. Staying inside for a bit to do some paperwork till she heard a pair of screams. Wasting no time the farmer rushed outside to find the source. Only to be greeted to an unexpected sight.

Before the farmer were indeed Eliza and Beth. However even without her magic they had been transformed suddenly. Where Beth should have stood was instead a little black colored rabbit with her hair style intact. The rabbit looking meek and quite confused as she was too scared to voice her concerns. Looking around and trying to reason as to what had just happened to her.

Eliza meanwhile was in a similar boat. However instead of a rabbit the girl had been morphed into a chubby pig. Somewhat smaller than the older pigs but still big enough. Hair still intact while her skin tone was similar to her human on, just slightly darker. Freckles still all over her in the current form as she oinked a few times in a mixture of annoyance and humiliation. Not knowing why she had suddenly morphed into a pig out of no where. Belle not knowing either...

"...This is odd... Somethin' ain' right..." Belle mumbled as she tried to calm the animals. Figuring that there was something up... Something she'd have to figure out for their sake.


(Mental Regression)

Elena was surprised by the fact that she had a customer way before she opened up. Letting the woman in due to the fact it started to rain and not wanting her to get wet. Calmly she asked the woman to wait for her to finish setting up for work. Knowing her employees did not come in for another hour or so, and the maid sitting there seemed far too polite to try anything. Elena having special ways to protect herself just in case...

"Alright almost done. Is there nothing you wish to ask this queen?" Elena asked after making sure the freezer was all set. Turning to see Mama sitting there simply reading a book- likely just wanting to get out of the weather and into someplace dry. Elena knowing all too well nothing would open up, so it seemed to be no harm. Turning back to the freezer before finishing up. Once doing so she approached the reading woman- surprised when she spoke.

"Figured out what I would like." Mama suddenly stated before standing up and snapping her fingers. A strange chill filling the air as Elena shivered. Unaware at first what was happening until she felt a sudden change around her hips. Looking down only for her eyes to widen in horror; the mascot now sporting a large poofy diaper. Her cheeks turning a deep shade of red at that.

"What are you doing maid!?? I do not wear such things!!" Elena cried out while turning back to the blonde. Her eyes growing large once more as the blonde was now up to her face. Glowing blue eyes staring right into her own- Elena unable to look away from the shining orbs. Elena's own blue eyes starting to turn misty as she could not avoid the glow. It was so warm and inviting that she eventually stopped trying to resist. Mind rapidly regressing into a more infantile state as she stood there. The blonde stepping back to let Elena react to her new changes.

Where the mascot queen stood a moment ago was now a much more different one mentally. A bit of drool rolling down her chin as her glazed over eyes looked around. Turning to the woman responsible for her current situation and started to giggle. Unaware of her own changes as she clumsily clapped her hands.

"Mommy! Aba da! Booba!" Elena started to babble. Mind completely engulfed in infantile thoughts while the blonde approached her. Bringing her close into a warm hug before easily lifting her up, carrying her to a table, and sitting the girl on her lap. Elena babbling all the while as the enigma gently rubbed her back. Elena cooing at the action before she started to suck her thumb.

"One mascot down. Perhaps the chicken loving one should be next~"
OC Shorts 8
And now some OC SHORTS! Yeah. Some of these are older than expected. But decided to post a few up for the peoples. 

This time we have various characters from my buddies. We got Marisa, Beth and Eliza from :icondragon-fangx:'s series.
We also have the lovely Francesca joining the fun. She of course belongs to the talented :iconwrenzephyr2: as I think she deserves more screen time.
Then of course we have the buxom Goddess Ivorii who was created by the large loving :iconelek-tronikz:
And finally we have her first appearance on my page Elena the Burger Queen by the skilled :iconkobi-tfs:

So yeah. Hope you all enjoy the silliness. All characters property of their owners.
   If Ivorii was being honest with herself she would admit to being surprised to learn she won a prize. Especially because she didn't even know there was a contest to begin with. Nevertheless the Fertility Goddess found herself traveling to a path out of the city. Some kind of relaxation spot to enjoy a day of peace and tranquility. Along with some special class that would have Ivorii experience a new type of relaxation.

The dark skinned woman was quick to arrive at the spot, seeing it was a small hut like building with a pool in the back. Ivorii finding a sign which read for her to head towards the pool upon arrival. Seeing no reason not to she floated herself to said area with a smile. Only to be met with a bruentte woman in a black bikini.

"Ah! You must be Ivorii. I am Lilith, it is a pleasure to meet you." The brunette offered a hand in greeting. Ivorii shaking the hand while floating in place. For some reason Lilith not surprised by the woman's powers as most people were.

"Nice to meet you. So this is where the special class will be?" Ivorii found herself asking, honestly interested in what this class could possibly be. Lilith herself just chuckled before gesturing to a chair.

"That is it. But first we're gonna need you to sit." Lilith instructed. Seeing nothing wrong with that Ivorii just floated herself into the chair before making herself comfortable. The chair settled so she was looking at the water. As Ivorii was well seated Lilith approached.

"Okay for this we'll need you to spend some time listening to music. So I'm just gonna hand you these and let you listen to all the songs on the list okay?" Ivorii again just found herself noding with a smile before she was handed a pair of headphones. Placing them over her ears she sat back and relaxed.

Upon doing Ivorii could for a moment hear Lilith click a button before her ears filled with music. Ivorii a bit surprised at first at the sound as it was similar to an orca's cry. But somehow even more beautiful and peaceful. With each sound being somewhat different and like a well set song.

As Ivorii settled in the soothing music calmed her entire body. Ivorii leaning back into the chair as much as she could as she watched the water calm ebb to the wind. Everything felt so peaceful for Ivorii. So much so she was unaware of the smirk Lilith had while standing behind the girl. Knowing quite well the music was going to play for a while. By that point Ivorii would be at a certain stage of relaxation.

It was about an hour later that the music stopped playing. Ivorii not even noticing as the music seemed to keep playing in her mind. Sitting there quietly with somewhat hazy eyes while watching the water still. Not saying a word even as Lilith removed the headphones from her head.

"Alright Ivorii. How do you feel?" Lilith asked without displaying the earlier smirk. Ivorii herself in a bit of a haze as she just muttered the word, "Good..." Unable to do much else but sit there quietly as she continued to hear the music echo through her mind. As if it was causing waves to form in her brain and keep it at a calming state at all times.

"Good. Now we can begin the treatment~" Lilith said as she had Ivorii stand up. The Goddess not really doing much, just moving according to how Lilith moved her. Ivorii not doing a thing as the brunette began to undress her. Once leaving Ivorii completely bare she brought the Goddess towards the floor, having her lay on her stomach and breast before looking back up at the water.

"There we are. All set to begin. Now I want you to picture yourself swimming across a vast ocean." Lilith started to say while stroking Ivorii's bare back. The Goddess not saying a word as she looked out in her hazy state. Trying to picture herself swimming through such an ocean.

"Imagine you are slicing through the ocean with ease. As if you are perfect for crossing it." Lilith's words began to make Ivorii feel warm inside. As if it was the right thing to hear. The woman so entranced she was not aware that her breast were rapidly receding into her chest; butt also starting to flatten a bit while neck elongated slowly.

Ivorii herself was just picturing the idea of slicing through the ocean at remarkable speed. Able to hear the gulls of birds and soft wind in her mind. Not aware this was not normal for her. Once large breast gone as they receded; Lilith moving her into an arching kind of position with her upper chest down.

"Now picture your head up high over the water. Able to see afar and capture the brilliant sights." Again Lilith's words began to effect Ivorii's body. Neck growing more as it also thicken. Her torso starting to take on a more animal like shape as it grew outward; back starting to form a hump of sorts.

The more Ivorii pictured what Lilith was saying the quicker the change occurred. In the middle of her forehead appearing a little horn; ears growing larger and curling until they were all curly. Her face starting to stretch out a bit and eyes growing larger. Head taking on a more dinosaur like shape much like a plesiosaur. On her humped back a strange shell like object began to form.

"That's right Ivorii. Good. Now imagine letting me on your back as we travel the ocean. You and me enjoying the beautiful scenery." Again the constant touches from Lilith mixed with the words she spoke continued Ivorii's change. Her body growing larger as arms and legs moved around a bit; turning into large flippers. The front two larger than the back while a little skin colored tail appeared. Most of her body still the same skin color except for her new shell. Said shell being black and white in color.

After but a few minutes where a naked Ivorii laid was now a normal sized Lapras. The only part of her that remained from her human like form was her hair and eyes. Said eyes starting to unhaze in that moment of completion. Only to turn to Lilith upon seeing her new form.

"So are we starting the class with this...?" Ivorii questioned, simply wondering if this was a part of it. Not really bothered by the change. Lilith herself just smiled.

"That we are sweetie. Only one more thing." Ivorii watched as the girl pulled out a cow pint colored sphere before holding it up. Ivorii tilting her large head at what it could be before Lilith tapped her with it. Ivorii suddenly covered in a thin layer of red energy as the sphere opened before being sucked in. The ball closing and shaking three times. Once it finished the ball stopped and made a loud click.

"And thus the Goddess is mine~" Lilith cooed before picking up the ball. Watching as it glowed blue for a moment then returning to normal. Signaling her work was done. Once seeing that she threw the ball into the air while saying, "Ivorii come on out."

As she spoke the sphere opened and summoned Ivorii into the water. The newly formed Lapras now floating in the pool before blinking her large green eyes in confusion before turning to Lilith.

"Lapras. Lapras~" Ivorii cooed loudly before leaning down and putting her head towards the woman. Lilith able to tell Ivorii seemed to no longer remember her former self. Mind set to be a good little Lapras for her owner.

"You're extra friendly it seems. My little one is gonna love you as a sister~" Lilith cooed before petting Ivorii. Said Lapras cooing at her owner touch. Ready to go play with her new trainer and sister~
Wrote this one a while back for :iconelek-tronikz:. And just decided to post it today. Why? 
.......Dunno. But yeah. The overly excitable Ivorii into a Lapras. That about sums it up.

Art by :iconmentalcrash: of course. Her and her overly skilled skills or skillness....!
Lillith's Pokemon Team by MentalCrash
(Kill La Kill Regression)

Several days had gone by for Satsuki Kiriyuin and Ryuko Matoi. Days since they had been caught up in a trap by the mad woman Nui. Said woman having regressed both of them into infants with ease- leaving them in their current states. Unable to do a thing as Nui and their mother Ragyo were plotting out their agendas. However neither women were actually aware that their regression stunt did not fully regress their minds. Leaving both Ryuko and Satsuki with their adult minds, however they were still a bit overpowered by their baby instincts. Though from the looks of it, Satsuki had a plan...

The black haired infant was presently playing alongside her sister. Both playing with some plushies that Nui had brought them simply out of their desires to play. However while they played Satsuki was explaining a plan to escape.

"An once they ares gone we cans escape." Satsuki finished explaining to Ryuko. Granted during the entire time she explained her plan she felt a bit aprehensive. Somewhat fearful that Ryuko would think it was stupid and ignore it. Since regressing into an infant Satsuki had become far more engulfed in impressing her sister- alongside playing. Her response to her plan was a bit surprising. Ryuko hugging her and smiling. Agreeing happily while cuddling against her sister.

Satsuki herself smiled before hugging back. Both giggling as they fell back and began to roll around. They were still a bit engulfed in their newly rekindled childhoods and did not feel like leaving right away. Thus resulting in them taking their time in their fancy crib and playing with all their toys. After all what other chance would they have to enjoy this kind of experience?

As the duo continued their playtime however there was something watching them. Piercing blue eyes with a strange power behind them watching with great interest. Neither aware those eyes were there from the moment they were placed in the crib the first time. As if watching and waiting for the perfect time. That time being now...

While the duo continued their playtime the enigma began to appear in their reality. Body taking form as it approached the crib- Satsuki and Ryuko sitting up while playing pattycake. Satsuki letting out a surprised yelp upon feeling her diaper being pulled back, as if someone was checking her. Turning the once teen looked up to see a blonde woman standing overhead with a simple smile on her face.

"Seems you are quite clean my little one." The blonde said with quite a calm tone. Her voice rather motherly and powerful. Satsuki feeling her cheeks darkening before speaking out against her better judgement. "H-how dare you?!" The infant said with some anger. The enigma just smiling before lifting her up.

"My my. Seems you did retain your adult mind after all. Let's fix that shall we?" The blonde asked while holding up the infant. Having their eyes lock as her own blue eyes began to glow. Satsuki letting out a soft gasp when realizing she could not look away. She tried to voice a response- try and warn Ryuko- but nothing came out. Drool starting to form as looking into those eyes were draining her mind rapidly. Her plans to escape all but vanishing along with her adult mind.

Ryuko meanwhile was starting to feel a little jealous to be getting so much attention. The blonde herself realizing this before setting Satsuki into a cradling position. Right before lifting Ryuko up with her free hand and giving her the same treatment. Ryuko's eyes going wide upon looking at the woman's- all adult thoughts melting away into nothing alongside the now drooling Satsuki. Ryuko herself starting to drool before babbling softly. This strange woman soon cradling both of them as their minds were wiped of their last bit of adult intelligence. Leaving them as legit infants. Plan B all but gone...

"Silly little ones. Trying to make an escape plan? How cute~ You both are obviously far to small for that~ No need for those big people thoughts. You only need mommy." The blonde cooed. Watching with enjoyment as their eyes were completely glazed over. All adult thoughts gone for good. 

Once the duo were wiped mentally both were placed in the crib. Satsuki quick to suck on her toes while Ryuko was sucking her thumb. Both now in a hypnotic trance that was planting new memories in their mind. Set to make them believe this blonde was their real mother. Neither able to resist as the changes were taking full effect. At the same time the door slipped open for the room.

"Girls! I brought you a-... who the hell are you?" The enigma turned to see Nui herself in the doorway. The blonde looking on in confusion at this new woman.

At first glance she appeared to be a maid of some sort. Her attire that of a maid's with skirt and everything. Black high heels, white gloves, head piece and so on. However just from looking at her face Nui could tell she was no ordinary maid. She was rather shapely with wide hips and large breast. Her skin pale and flawless. Hair a soft blonde color that was braided down her back. Long pointy ears twitching every now and then as bright blue eyes watched her every movement; pink lips curled into a soft little smile.

"I see the bad little one arrives." The woman said rather calmly. Not at all shaken by Nui looking at her with bloodlust.

"I don't know who you are bitch. But for trespassing you are as good as dea-" Nui began to threaten only to blink to a strange occurrance. The pink wearing blonde no longer in the doorway, but instead was now laying across the woman's lap. Nui's expression turning into one of shock.

"H-how the hell did you-"

"That language is not acceptable. Thus you must be punished." The woman stated before getting to work. Nui feeling a hand hit her rear with great force. Normally this would not even remotely hurt the pink wearing girl. However the hand slapped her rear Nui was filled with unbelievable amounts of pain. The girl crying out as her entire rear surged with pain.

"O-OW! How the hell did you- OW!!!" Nui was cut off again as the hits continued. Each one worse than the last as she strugged against the woman's grip. Nui realizing that flat out she was being spanked like a child. She screamed to be released only for the spanking to intensify in ferocity and pain. Each blow somehow worst than the last. Nui unaware that this woman knew she had life fibers going all throughout her body and preparing ways to counter act it. Her gloves being one of them- filled with a fiber that suppressed Life Fibers with ease. Basically ensuring this spanking was a human like one and VERY painful.

After a few minutes of this Nui was sat up on the woman's lap. Tears rolling down her face as she looked up- pure anger in her eyes. Cheeks a dark shade of red from embarrassment.

"H-how dare you?! I will murde-" Again Nui was cut off. This time by the woman placing a finger up against her lips. Nui immediately going silent for in that moment, though she did not know why. Before Nui could even rely to this however the enigma began to mess with her own shirt a bit. Soon allowing a single breast to be exposed in front of Nui's face.

Again before the mad girl could even respond her face was shoved forward. Nipple placed between her lips as she shockingly began to suck. Nui's eye wide as could be as she began to drink from this woman's breast. Extremely warm milk flowing down her throat that warmed her to the core.

"Mmmm!" She tried to scream, only to find herself sucking even more. Soon shifted into a cradle like position in the woman's arms. Mouth rapidly filling with the breast milk without any control. Her face burning red from humiliation and rage. Only intensified as she felt her clothing began to feel looser with each suckle. Suddenly aware she was actually growing younger, like she had done to Satsuki and Ryuko but days before.

Protesting as much as she could resulted in nothing for Nui. Her outcries hushed by the nursing women while Nui felt clothing fall to the floor. Soon she was done with her feeding and laid down on what appeared to be a changing table. Able to feel something wrap around her waist before being dressed in something warm. The woman stepping back to examine her work.

Laying on the changing table was now an infant Nui. Now dressed in some onesie pajamas and a diaper underneath. The girl's destroyed eye now returned to normal due to her regression. Nui's eyes glazed over as the warm milk in her belly overwrote her anger and confusion. Drool forming at her lips before she is laid into the same crib as Ryuko and Satsuki. Laying down with a sad look on her face as the enigma began to walk away.

"Mama...?" Nui mumbled, her speech far less developed now. Feeling as that the person she viewed as mama now was walking away. Only to be distracted from her crying by her new sisters.

As the changes were all but done the enigma heard a clap at the door. Turning to see the rainbow haired woman in charge herself- Ragyo. The rather evil woman smirking while examing the stranger's work. Geniuely impressed by how quickly she dispacted of Nui.

"My my. That was incredible. To accomplish that so quicky... I have an offer for you stranger." Ragyo started with a smirk. "Seeing as you just took out my number two, perhaps you would wish to take her position. Unless you wish for this to get violent that is." It was more than obvious that Ragyo- while impressed- was ready to dispose of this woman in a moment's notice. The blonde simple standing there for a moment before shrugging.

"Sure. Why not?" Ragyo could feel her lips curl into a wicked smile before reaching out a hand in greeting.

"I am Ragyo. Your new boss. And you are?" The rainbow woman questioned. Her new number 2 chuckling before speaking.

"I am known as Mamamon. But you may refer to me as Mama." Ragyo felt her brow raise at the kind of thing but let it slide. After all she had just gained a powerful new ally- one able to defeat Nui in a matter of seconds no less. Soon she lead Mama out of the room- both heading to what appeared to be a conference room of sorts.

During this Ragyo was explaining her plan in full detail. Mama actually not seemingly caring about said plan- however for some reason Ragyo figured she did. Even the smallest of acknowledgements made Ragyo think she was being listened to. Unaware of the strange change in the air due to standing next to Mama for too long. Her senses a bit muffled from that alone.

"And thus we shall... We shall... We..." Ragyo began to feel odd before starting to tip forward. Only to come into contact with Mama catching her suddenly. As if she knew something was off. Ragyo brushing it off as true loyalty. After all subordinates were meant to look after their boss. Though Ragyo noted how touchy Mama was being. Hand cupping her rear while the other was wrapped around her back.

"My my. Seems that outfit of yours is messing with your balance dear. Just look you're making a mess too." Mama commented. Watching as Ragyo drooled a bit on it unknowingly. "Looks like someone needs to get washed up. Afterwards we can dress you right." Mama continued- Ragyo looking a bit spacey. As though she had been drugged or something.

Ragyo herself however just viewed all of this as simply good initative. This was how a right hand woman should be. At least that was Ragyo's last thought upon being lifted into Mama's arms. Right before passing out.

Some time later Ragyo's eyes began to open. Only for her body to be greeted to the feeling of warm water all over her- able to tell someone was massaging soap against her back. Ragyo jumping in surprise before moving away. Quick to realize she was completely naked and being washed. Turning she saw Mama sitting there- body naked as well but not truly visible due to the steam.

At first she was started by this. Slowly that turned into amusement, and finally it began to fascinate her. Realizing this woman was being real intimate with her. Having stripped her down and washing her with ease. Almost like she had some kind of ulterior motive. Ragyo herself smirked at that. Ready to tell her it was futile. However as she did her cheeks began to flush softly.

"W-why are we in the bath...?" Ragyo questioned with a strange bit of shyness. Mama smirking before softly patting her head. "You got yourself dirty sweetheart. Just wanted to get you all cleaned up. Now hold still." Mama stated before turning Ragyo back. The latter unaware that her physical form was a little bit different. Now looking around Satsuki's original age, maybe a little bit older.

Ragyo herself fell silent as she felt the woman begin to scrub her once more. Having her stand up to clean her legs and such. Ragyo blushing a little as Mama slapped her rear lovingly- the former able to feel the love from it. Remembering she did that with Satsuki and making her feel very warm inside.

As this was going on however Ragyo chose to ask if she could leave the bath to do something. Hweover each time Mama would tell her to sit back down and be good. Ragyo just complying and admiring Mama, thinking of how cool of a woman she was. Hoping she could be that cool some day.

During the wash Ragyo was getting younger and younger. Form losing its curves as she reached her early teens. Once again Ragyo asked to leave the bath for a moment only to be shot down once more. Upon sitting back down she noticed something floating towards her. Without thinking she grabbed both items. Holding them up to examine.

In her hands was a little toy submarine and in the other a rubber ducky. Her eyes a bit wide for a moment before smiling. Since Mama told her to stay in the bath, she might as well have some fun. She started to calmly move them around. However as she held the toys she began to play more and more. Starting to splash around while giggling happily.

Ragyo was pretending that the submarine was about to dive before the evil ducky attacked. Giggling loudly as her body shrank more and more. Mama smirking as Ragyo was now a small child around five or six in age. In that moment Ragyo began to feel as though something was wrong. She had a plan- something she wanted to ask Mama.

Something was out of place. The bath water feeling... wrong for some unknown reason. She turned to Mama once more.

"C-can I get out now Mama?" Ragyo asked. Mama shaking her head. "Not yet sweetheart. We have to wash your hair first." In that moment Ragyo's heart sank. Fear starting to engulf her. Mama wasted no time in grabbing a shampoo bottle and scrub the content into Ragyo's hair. The child unable to deny how nice it felt- tingling filling her scalp. In fact her whole entire head felt tingly, though was nice at the same time. Mama was being so nice to her that it made Ragyo smile. Only to feel fear as Mama spoke.

"Time to rinse honey." Ragyo began to whimper at that. Her child like mind fearing the idea of water being poured over her head. Especially water in her eyes. Tears starting to form.

"M-mama c-can we just stay in? I-I don't wanna rinse..." Ragyo pleaded with Mama, honestly terrified to get water in her eyes. With a smile Mama spoke, "Now now sweet. No need to fret. Mama has everything under control. Here, try this." Mama handing her a little hand towel- instructing her to place it over her eyes.

Ragyo is quick to comply and placed it over her eyes. Whimpering as Mama began to pour the water over her head to rinse out the shampoo. "There there. Alllmost done sweetie~" Mama cooed. Ragyo still a bit fearful that it won't work.

After a moment the water stopped flowing. Ragyo slowly removing the towel with a gasp. Realizing it had worked she reached up and felt her hair. It was super smooth now and made her giggle. The girl so giddy she was unaware she had shrunken even more. Leaving the mad woman as a three year old now.

"Tank ou mommy." Ragyo slurred her words a bit. Mama smiling before lifting Ragyo out of the water. The toddler confused by that for a moment before being placed in a large fluffy towel. Ragyo looking up as Mama climbed out of the water herself.

"One moment sweetie." Mama told Ragyo before approaching what appeared to be a bathrobe on the wall. Ragyo looking at the woman and thinking, 'mommy is beautiful...'

Moments after Mama placed the robe on she lifted Ragyo up in the towel. Carrying the infant out of the room and towards the nursery. Ragyo all the while a bit confused but very warm in the towel. This time in the room Mama sat herself on the floor. Setting Ragyo in front of her as she began to use the towel to dry the girl. Drying off her tummy first off while occassionally tickling it.

The infant's loud giggling was intensified as Mama began to dry in between her toes, her hair and so on. Acting super motherly towards the infant and coddling her as much as possible.  Leaning foward to blow raspberry against her chubby belly to make her laugh. Ragyo letting out a high pitched giggle form her new body, having shrunken down to a two year old.

Upon being dried off Ragyo was lifted out of the towel and carried over to the changing table. While kissing her feet and blowing raspberries on her belly, the infant was laid down with giggly delight. Having been set on a diaper Mama lifted the infant's legs up and began to powder her. For a brief moment Ragyo thinking something was wrong with the diaper, but it felt strangely nice. Simply going on to sucking her thumb as she was somewhat tired. While Mama was taping up the diaper she spoke to the infant.

"You are such a good girl~ Being well behaved for bath time~" She cooed before finishing up the diaper process. Before Ragyo could even respond Mama dressed her up in a cute little footed pajama. Extra fluffy and warm for her as little toes stretched in the pajamas.

"No need to keep up the charade it seems. You do fit in much better at this age my dear." Mama said before lifting Ragyo back up. The child unaware of what was going on while being carried to a rocking chair. Only for Mama to sit down, undo her shirt once more and reveal a single breast.

If Ragyo had been in her right mindset she would have known this was bad. However due to all the rapid changes that had occurred she was too engulfed in her newfound instincts. Calmly opening her mouth and latching out. Without a moments hesitation suckling like the infant she currrently was.

"That's right. Drink up my little one~" Mama cooed as Ragyo drank from her breast. Watching as the two year old continued to shrink more and more. Obviously hungry after her bath. So much so that she did not stop drinking even for a second. Mama watching as her body grew smaller before being left as a six month old babe. After a few minutes Ragyo was pulled away. Soon held at arms length as a newly formed baby.

"Much better. So silly Ragyo, thinking you were a big girl. Now it's time to join your sissies~" Mama cooed at the infant. For a moment Ragyo regaining her senses as the milk was starting to take effect.

"B-but... but...!" It was in that moment that the infant had regained her composure. Mind returning once the danger she was in became beyond evident. "Y-you can't do dis! I-I ish a big giwl! M-me haz pwans! M-me is bigs!!!" Ragyo tried to reason in one last attempt to regain control. Resulting in Mama simply shushing her and letting everything take its toll. Her lips curling into a motherly smile as she saw Ragyo's eyes widen one final time. The warm milk that now flowed in her belly melting away all her resistance. Mamamon able to see the intelligence drain from Ragyo's eyes for good. Rainbow haired infant drooling before placing a thumb in between her lips once more. Suckling like the infant she now was, inside and out.

With much delight Mama stood back up. Carrying Ragyo to the crib before laying her down with the others. Nui almost instantly reaching up for Mama to pick her up.

"Oh alright sweetie. Up we go." Mama stated before lifting Nui up. Ragyo looking at how much larger Nui was compared to her and wanting to be as big and cute as her some day. All the while Satsuki and Ryuko crawled over to their newest little sister. Loking on while thinking of how tiny she was- so much so that she couldn't even sit up. Watching her squirm and kick her legs. Both looking at Mamamon with drooly expressions. The blonde simply nodding with a smug look before turning to Nui. Watching the infant drink from her breast once more. Obviously still hungry.

Ragyo all the while was looking at the two infants beside her with drool rolling down her chin. Thinking to herself as she babbled incoherently. "Satsuki... Ryuko.. big sissies..." That was the best her mind could come up with. Wanting to play with her now big sisters. Ryuko and Satsuki wasting no time in starting to tickle the infant as Mama walked away.

"There we go sweetie. Drink up~" Mama cooed while bouncing Nui up and down while nursing. Cradling the infant while exploring the compound a bit more. Only stopping in the monitor room of the school. An evil smirk forming on her lips when seeing all the students. A pink haired one and a brunette sticking out rather heavily in her eyes.

"My my. So many babies to play with. And so much time." In that moment Mama's eyes went maddening as she began to laugh. Knowing her fun had only just begun.....
CMSN: Babe La Mama
And here we have a sequel story for the Kill La Kill regression story. This one brought to you by the recent commissioner, :iconannakatan:. This time he wished for the sisters to gain two more. Through the efforts of my OC Mamamon to go from two babies to four. Hope you all enjoy it, was fun to write.

Commissioned by :iconannakatan:
Written by :iconsoul-of-platinum:
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Just putting an update on this one with a new image. Commissioned by :iconannakatan: and drawn by my good friend and overly talented little lady :iconmentalcrash: 
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