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"Ugh! This is disgusting!" Maribelle cried out upon looking through Donnel's supplies. The objects currently covered in mud and grass from the farm hand doing some planting and such. As usual he was set to help with the growing of food and suppling said food for the mares and such.

"To think that Chrom would ask me, ME of all people to do something so... disgusting as to move these objects! The nerve!" The blonde said while trying to avoid touching the supplies. Having objected to such dirty work, but was forced due to everyone else being busy. Including Donnel himself with training. Thus leaving Maribelle to clean.

"I do not believe this... Why would I- Wait... what is this...?" She questioned upon spotting... a book? Ever so carefully she picked up the item- avoiding the dirt covered shovel- and opened it up.

For a moment Maribelle was silent, right before letting out a snide chuckle. "It would seem Donnel wishes to learn magic. How foolish! Before he can even attempt he must learn proper etiquette!" She said while slamming her hand against the book. 

In that moment however she hit one of the runes within the book, unaware that Donnel had been practicing some drawings in the book to better learn how to use them. Inadvertently activating it...

"Enough of this! I must go to Chrom at once and-" Maribelle was interrupted by the sound of tearing. Looking down her eyes only widened upon seeing her clothes begin to rip apart. "W-what in the world?!" She cried while dropping the book. Hands no longer able to hold it as they turned dark and flattened out, soon leaving her with a pair of hooves for hands. 

Maribelle began to panic upon seeing her new hands, only for it to worsen as blonde colored fur began to grow from said hooves up her arms- said arms reshaping wherever the fur touched it into more animalistic front legs. Her feet doing the same ever so rapidly, resulting in the girl unable to stand up. Falling to all four as her arms and legs were no longer humanoid, now those of animals.

"W-what iss ha-haaaa! HEE-HAWW!" If she were able to Maribelle would have covered her mouth in shock. The cries of a donkey escaping her lips while her body began to fatten up a bit. Blonde fur covering her torso as it became that of a donkey's- kinda chubby and rough.

"N-no! Please! H-heee-Help...m-m-heee haaa! HEEE HAW!!!" Maribelle's speech was lost to her upon her face starting to stretch out- teeth turning large and flat while mouth and nose turned into a muzzle. Maribelle unable to say a word upon the final changes occurring, leaving her as a blonde furred- hair still strangely intact- donkey. 

'W-what has happened to me..?! W-why... why do I feel... so... where is... owner...?' Maribelle's eyes- the only other human part of her intact- became dull and glossy as her mind was overcome from the magic. Letting out a few soft brays before kneeling down and chewing on a few of the nearby carrots.

"Ah! Maribelle! Ya stop that now!" The donkey looked up to see her master, Donnel, running towards the donkey. Maribelle just looking at her owner before letting out a happy bray.

"What am I gonna do with ya girl? Ya keep eatin' everyones darn food. Gonna have ta put ya in the stalls with the other girls now." Donnel said while petting the donkey. Maribelle not really understanding her owner, but his happy tone made her happy. The donkey braying her happiness to Donnel. The latter just chuckling.

"Come along girl. Man still can't believe Chrom there let me bring ya from da farm." Donnel said, seemingly not aware this was a moment ago his strict friend. None aware that the spell placed on her was a reality bending one, leaving the once prideful royal as a simple farm animal. One that did not mind dirt or such. Just enjoyed getting a carrot from her owner and his friends every now and then.

Just like a good donkey does.

Farm Life for Maribelle
Maribelle from Fire Emblem turned into a donkey. This one was something inspired by :iconwrenzephyr2:. Don't think she's been tfed before so -shrug- 

Fire Emblem copyright of Nintendo
The battle seemed all but won as the forces of Light made their way through the battlefield. Zelda- now a Great Fairy- easily swept through various forces while teaming up with Link. The boy somehow convincing her to let him out of the bottle and battle. None of Cia's forces seemed capable of taking out the Great Fairy, even after ambushing her 1000 to 1. She still wiped the floor with them. 

At that time Cia was rather infuriated. Cursing Zelda and her entire army as she trotted through her hidden base away from the battlefield. Watching from afar as the day was essentially gone in her opponent's favor.

"Curse that wretched Zelda! I shall rip soul out and feed it to Wizzro!" Cia cried out in sheer rage. Gritting her teeth as she looked through her vision glass. Only to hear the doors behind her slam open at the weight of a great weapon. The sorceress turning to see one of Zelda's most trusted allies standing before her. Impa.

The Sheikah Chieftain looked upon the dark woman with fierce eyes. Focused solely on the main cause of war to cover all of Hyrule. Here she stood all alone. 

"Cia. This shall end today." Impa said rather calmly before drawing her large blade. Cia just giving off a soft smirk at Impa's determination. "Yes my dear. For when the Captain of the Army falls, even Zelda will be weakened by heartbreak. And then I shall rip her asunder!"

In a flash Cia swiped her staff, releasing a shockwave of dark magic. Impa replied with her own slash creating a wave of water. In but a moment the two attacks canceled each other out. Impa and Cia yelling loudly as they charged at one another.

The battle from that point turned into power against magic. Impa countering every magical blast with a heavy water covered swing. Cia doing the opposite but leaving them rather even in strength.

"Impressive for a lower minion of the Princess!" Cia said before whipping around the entire area. Impa ducking and weaving each attack while also countering back with a few swings. Yet Cia did not budge as she kept her assault on Impa.   

"I need no compliments from some hussy!" Impa replied while unleashing her special technique. The blow able to knock Cia back a bit as the woman looked anger and confused.

She looked up at Impa with anger filling her eyes. "What did you just call me...?" Cia asked while gripping her hands around the staff tightly. Impa looking at Cia while preparing to attack once more.

"You are a powerful sorceress but act as nothing but a glorified hussy for the attention of Link. It is pathetic to see someone so powerful act like some simple hussy flaunting her breast to attract attention." Impa replied before sheathing her sword. Preparing to rush in and attack once more.

Cia was sure her vision turned red at Impa's comment. 'How dare she?! This bitch will know nothing but pain for her words!!!' Cia thought while preparing to use a spell to completely vaporize Impa. Yet before she did something came to mind.

'Wait... Captain of the army... Proud warrior...' A wicked smile graced the dark woman's lips while watching Impa rush forward. An evil idea forming in her mind in that very moment.

"This ends!!" Impa cried while moving to draw her blade to finally finish Cia once and for all. Eyes going wide as Cia pulled out a spell book out of no where. 'A spell book?!' Impa said as she tried to swing. Cursing as Cia raised her hand.

"Back and Down." As the words escaped Cia's mouth a large wave of dark magic hit Impa straight on. The woman barely able to raise her arms in defense before she was shot back. Hitting the wall with a heavy thud before falling to the floor. Impa barely able to react as she slammed down hard. The wind knocked out of her.

At seeing Impa being incapacitated Cia acted. Placing a few spells on Impa that bound the woman in place along with one that melted her clothing away. Leaving her in but a pair of panties and a bra- given to her courtesy of Cia's little spell to have some fun. 

"D-damn you...!" Impa shouted while trying to jump back up. Screaming in pain as the magic that bound her began to shock her entire body. The woman yelling while being forced to go back to her knees. Breathing heavily as she was now stuck in this position.

"My my, how the mighty has fallen~" Cia teased while looking at the invisibly bound Impa before her.

Impa could only groan as her body surged with great pain. Expression one of exhaustion as she tried to stand back up, only to feel the magical restraints pull her onto her knees once more. 

"Damned witch! Release me and fight as a warrior!" Impa yelled while trying to move. Completely incapable of getting up while Cia easily zapped away her blade. The warrior gritting her teeth as Cia approached. The woman easily making her way behind Impa before leaning forward and whispering into Impa's ear.

"Would seem you are on your knees where you belong. Now I can easily punish you for your words. Calling me 'A glorified hussy'. Now that I think about it... your words sounded of jealousy to me." Cia's words were followed by a bit of laughter. Impa grinding her teeth. "Shut your mouth! As if I would want to be anything like you!" She yelled back which made Cia chuckle.

The dark sorceress stood up a bit as she opened up one of the tomes Lana used. Having stolen it from the girl during their last encounter. With a smile she messed with a few runes within it. Watching as the dark magic surged through the book and reshaped it into a darker tome. Cia just giving a wicked smile as she began a rather odd spell.

"I do believe you should know that it is like. To be a true hussy~" She said with a rather odd smile. Hand gently cupping the back of Impa's head as she said the word, "Drain." In that moment of trying to get away Impa felt something odd. Magic surging through her mind as her eyes glazed over for but a moment. Feeling as though she was somehow being drained from her head itself.

Her head began to feel rather empty as Cia's hand gently caressed the back of it. The highly trained warrior unable to get away as she felt something flow out the back of her head and into Cia's hand. Though it continued to drain Impa was not aware what it was. Only that it made her head feel funny.

"L-like what are you doing to Impy...?" Impa asked while referring to herself in third person. Voice a bit more high pitched and loopy sounding as her eyes felt strange. Unaware that they were somewhat glazed over as Cia continued to drain from her mind.

The sorceress herself just smiled before moving both hands  to the woman's flt chest. Smiling as she looked at Impa in but a bra and panties after being hit by her spell. Cia just letting out a wicked chuckle as she began to grope Impa.

"S-stop playing with Impy's chest..." Impa tried to argue but just moaned as Cia played with her chest. The maddening woman smiling as she pumped a bit of magic on Impa's mounds- the woman looking confused while feeling something occur. Impa looking down to see Cia's hands filling up, the warrior's breast ballooning up to a much much larger size than before. Leaving Impa as rather heavy chested in that moment.

"I-Impy has big boobies now!" She cried out even as she was now confused at the sight. Strangely enjoying the way they jiggled with each motion that her now large breast made. Cia smiling as she watched that her magic was already in motion. "Time to have some fun~"

For a moment Impa's eyes returned to normal. Looking at the way Cia had changed her breast before going wide eyed. "W-what in the world is this!? Bitch what are you doing to Impy?!" Impa's eyes bulged out as she heard her voice start to go high pitched again. Shaking her head to try and regain her focus. 

All the while Cia just smiled before leaning against Impa's back. The warrior woman looking confused at Cia just leaning against her again. "N-no! Y-you leave Impy alone!!" Impa tried to argue. Now referring to herself as Impy. 

Cia herself was rather calm as her hands gently reached for Impa's breast once more. Ever so calmly groping her once more with magic covered hands. Impa only able to moan while Cia played with her large breast- said boobs actually growing even larger before Cia stopped. Her hands gently reaching to her sides and stroking down them. Muscle melting away to be replaced by soft flesh that had no tone to them. Smooth in feeling but nothing else to it.

"N-no~ Stop playing with Impy....." Impa moaned while Cia had some fun. The woman pouring more magic into her body while reaching her hips. Smiling as they started to widen and legs gaining a bit of fat on them. Rear growing large and plump as Cia groped both cheeks in her hands.

"Hush now Impy~ Just enjoy the wonderful feeling~" The dark woman said while once more placing a hand against the back of Impa's head. Well aware that each time she did so Impa's intelligence was rapidly being drained. Impa's eyes starting to droop while feeling her mind starting to go.

"W-wat... I no know..." Impa began to mumble as her eyes started to glaze. Unable to focus while her changes continued. Hair starting to grow a bit longer while the single strand she had tied turned blonde in color. Lips starting to plump a bit while hips and boobs began to solidify in permanent shape. Breast and rear jiggling with each heavy breath she made.

All the while Cia knew that Impa was unable to do anything against her spell. Looking down she saw the book was filling with all the thoughts that Impa usually had along with her larger intelligence. The tome filled with many words and secrets of Impa while unable to do anything. 

"Impy... feel... bubbly..." Impa mumbled while looking forward. Cia smirking as the last bit of intelligence flowed into the book before closing it shut. Letting Impa out of her binds as she dimly looked around the room. Cia taking a moment to walk in front of Impa and look over her handiwork.

For where the strong and tough Sheikah Chief once kneeled was now what appeared to be a bimbo by definition. Hair longer and more while while a single strand of blonde hair existed. Breast now much larger in size- even more so than Cia's- with her rear large and plump. Hips nice and wide while her stomach was skinny and flat. Bra and panties barely able to contain her larger assets as she looked around.

"Like where is Impy??" Impa asked with a high pitched voice and looking around. Not remembering where she was or what she was doing. Scanning the room before looking up at Cia.

"Who are like you??" Impa asked which only made the woman chuckle.

"It matters not who I am. All that matter is that who are you?"

Impa looked over herself for a moment before thinking. "I am Impy? Impy is like Impy right?" She asked Cia, suddenly unsure of herself due to her memory seemingly not in place. 

"Yes. You are Impy. Impy the Ditzy~" The dark woman said with a rather wicked smile. Watching as Impa thought that over before nodding with a dumb smile. 

"That's it! Impy the Ditzy! Like what is ditzy??" She asked while standing up. Eyes suddenly focused on her breast as they jiggled wildly. Strangely entranced by them as they moved. 

"Do you like to watch your boobies bounce?" Cia asked in a rather dumb way to insult Impa's intelligence. The woman barely paying attention as she made herself bounce, watching the boobs jiggle at the motion.

"Hehe! Boobies go up and down!" Impa said with a giggle with Cia watching. "That's right little hussy. How about you be a good hussy bunny and bounce up and down?" Cia asked while watching with satisfaction. Impa reacting by jumping up and down several times. Her breast and butt bouncing jiggling with each bounce she made.

"Impy is hussy bunny! Boing! Boing!" Impa said while bouncing up and down. Enjoying the way her body just jiggled with each motion she made. Cia meanwhile laughing hard at her accomplishment. Turning this proud warrior into a small brained bimbo.

Cia looked at the book in her hand as Impa continued to bounce. Thinking over what to do next. "I could burn this... however there is not telling if it would go back into her brain... And if I keep it in my possession someone might take it. Then only one thing to do~" Cia opened up a portal into a deeper part of Hyrule. Throwing it into the portal with a simple huff and closing it. Separating Impa from her intelligence for good most likely.

"Like Impy loves going boing!" Impa cheered while continuing to bounce. Cia turning to try out one more spell. To make Impy her immortal slaves. As she raised her hand to do so however-

"Impa! Are you here?!" 

Cia cursed silently upon hearing Impa's allies approaching. Her magic was far to low to take on so many people or take Impa with her. With a smirk however she opened another portal before walking through it. "I have crippled their captain. That is more than enough~" She said before leaving with a heavy laugh. Impy just continuing to bounce before noticing Cia was gone.

"Like where did booby lady go?" Impa asked while looking around. Only to hear someone gasp to her side. Turning she saw Link and Lana looking at Impa in confusion.

"I-Impa is that you?!"

"Hi hi! Do you wanna play with Impy's boobies too??" She asked with a happy expression. Link blushing hard at that before shaking his head.

"H-huh? W-what the hell is-"

"Impy the Ditzy wanna play with boobies!" Link and Lana both looked at one another while trying to figure this out. Leaving them to deal with the new bimbo Impa before them...

Impy the Ditzy
We got another story for my friend :icondragon-fangx:. This time we got the great and powerful Impa turned into a busty bimbo. 

Hyrule Warriors copyright of Nintendo
Due to a few people speaking about it, there is a chance that I might start doing commissions. Pricing is in the works.


UPDATE: This is unlikely to occur but just testing out prices. Do not expect anything out of this however.
One short would be 4-5 dollars and would consist of passages from 400-900 words.
However as a special if you want three shorts it is 8 dollars. Same length.
Full stories of 1500-3500 words will be from 9-12 dollars. 
And special theme stories will be discounted when time comes.


Story themes shall be set below.
-Transformation (Animal, inanimate, etc)
-Age Regression or Progression along with Mental Regression
-Weight Gain 
-Non-Tf stories as well

Stories not likely to be accepted:
-Porn of any type
-Death stories
-Hate stories

This is just a letting you know journal. If anyone is interested in possibly commissioning then let me know below. Thus I can decide to actually start or not...
Power. The simple idea of gaining power is one that has consumed the minds of  many. Souls consumed by desire to obtain the power to do rule, to live forever, to destroy... Those who gain such powers at most times ending up with nothing but despair. The power corrupting them into madness and souls lost... Even those of pure souls are resistant to the dangers of gaining unimaginable power. However in some cases rather... interesting results come off of people gaining power. Some are destroyed by it. Others...

Within the land of Hyrule another battle against the forces darkness had just came to an end. The princess of the kingdom Zelda dismissing her blade in a flash of light. Her body aching from the long battle she had just endured- fortunate that her plan had worked with great success. Calling upon the power of the Great Fairy but a few minutes prior proved to be their greatest choice in this battle. 

Zelda was well aware her allies were presently checking over the wounded, tending to them along with ensuring that all enemies were wiped out. As such none of them aside from the blonde noticed a treasure chest materialize into existence. Zelda turning to it with a smile- their reward for victory against the forces of evil. 

"Excellent. Now to claim this treasure." Zelda spoke to herself while approaching the new chest, wasting no time in opening it up. In a matter of seconds she was holding up a weapon shard. The item glowing bright as it became a new weapon!

"...a bottle...?" Zelda questioned as her new weapon appeared in hand. The object a simple empty bottle, similar to the ones Link had. She examined it a few times to try and figure it out. Thinking perhaps it absorbed magic or something. Blinking a few times when nothing happened. She swung the item, tapped on the bottom, removed the lid and so on. Yet nothing occurred.

"Perhaps it is a defective item? How strange. This had not happened before." Zelda continued to examine the bottle before tilting her head. While examining the object she hadn't noticed lights begin to form at her feet. Small fairies appearing from the ether and growing larger in number. Zelda suddenly hearing the fluttering of their wings and looking down. Soon finding herself surrounded by multitudes of fairies. 

"W-what are you all- ahh!" Zelda let out a soft shriek as the fairies flashed bright against her. Blinding her for a few moments. Her eyes slipped open a minute later- jumping at suddenly standing within the Great Fairy Fountain. 

"H-how did I get back here?" The princess questioned, having left said spring but a few minutes ago. Her reply was a rather familiar laughter. Turning to see the Great Fairy appear before her in a flash of light- rather different than her normal means of appearing before them. Making Zelda wonder about this.

"Hello great one. May I ask why you have summoned me?" Zelda questioned, figured that the Great Fairy must have summoned her for a reason. Her eyes set on the Fairy's face as it went from its usual smile to a frown. Zelda was not expecting the fairy to sigh in... disappointment? 

"Young Princess. You have made quite the error on your part." The words of the fairy quickly worried Zelda. The princess wanting to ask why but the fairy beat her to it. "You have taken the weapon of your comrade, the hero Link, and inadvertently just put him at risk." 

"I-I do not understand-" Zelda easily began to panic at the fairy's words. The simple action of her claiming a weapon in this battle put Link in danger? How could that be? He was the hero of Hyrule with the Master Sword! Her question was quickly answered by the large woman.

"That bottle was meant for him. It is a weapon only he can possess. But now that you have claimed it, he can no longer use it. And his next battle will likely cause many turmoils now..." The fairy explained. Making Zelda worry even more in realization. Once a weapon crystal ties with you, it is tied up to you for good. No way around it.

Zelda turned to the great fairy with concern in her eyes. "I-I had not intended to do so! Please there must be a way to rectify this error!" Zelda pleaded, not wanting to put Link in even more danger than he already was. She was not even questioning why this weapon was so important. Only set on the idea of saving Link from a terrible fate.

"Hm... there MIGHT be a way. But you must be willing to commit to-"

"I-if it is to help Link then I will not hesitate." Zelda's quick response made the Fairy raise a brow for a moment before laughing. "Very well. Now Zelda in order to fix the weapon you stole from Link... You shall take its place!" Before Zelda could even question what that mean the GF snapped her fingers. Zelda suddenly feeling strange as magic began to fill her. Eyes going wide while various fairies began to fly towards her and spin around the princess, spilling magic all over her. 

"W-what is- whoa!!!" Zelda's voice began to boom a bit as she started to rapidly grow in size. The princess filling with great confusion as her body started to grow in all aspects at the same rate. Feeling her head enlarge as did the rest of her form. Clothes ripping tearing to shreds as her body grew larger and larger. Chest while decently sized began to plump out even more so as the chest plate flew off- leaving her bare and an arm reaching to cover it with an 'eep.'

"What is happening?!?" Zelda asked loudly while her changes continued. Body becoming even more curved as her hips widened. Rear plumping out as her breast did to a more sensual size, a bit of jiggle to it. Legs becoming a bit more shapely and stomach more thinned out. Zelda in a state of confusion while using her free arm to try and cover her bare lower half. Clothing from there all but shreds of fabric now.

Zelda's face was a deep shade of red as her height continued to grow- soon around the same height as the Great Fairy herself. The fairies still flying around her as they began to target key parts of her body. Her bare - now far larger- chest soon covered up  by a strange series of leaves gold in color, matching her now torn breastplate. Legs covered in a thin veil of magic while her hips were covered in pink vines that matched her previous skirt. Acting as a pair of panties for the now enlarged Zelda.

"W-WHAT IS THIS?!?" Zelda cried out with a booming voice. Watching as her nails turned pink in color along with growing ridiculously long. Looking rather similar to the woman before her. Hair tying itself into a trio of pony tails with strings of golden magic tying it together. Eyes covered in thick pink make up with eye brows turning more bushy and lips becoming much pinker and more pouty.

After but a mere minute where the Princess of Hyrule once stood now appeared to be a new Great Fairy. One that was identical to Zelda in many ways due to the fact it WAS Zelda. The GF just chuckling while looking over her handiwork. "Not bad. You shall do nicely." 

"G-Great One what is the meaning of this?!?" Zelda asked while trying to cover herself up. Feeling rather exposed and silly with this new appearance. Especially with such odd nails and make up. The GF just laughing again before speaking. 

"I was to be of help to the young Hero. My powers set to add to his own in order to increase the man's arsenal. However due to your brash actions I can no longer do so. Thus, the task falls upon you. From this point when battling alongside the Hero, you shall be known as the Great Fairy Zelda." Even as the words escaped GF's mouth Zelda just got more and more shocked. Realizing that she was to help Link in... this!

As the embarrassment crept to her face she could only say one thing... "EEEEHHHH?!?! T-this can't be! I cannot be a Great Fairy! Great one please you must-"

"You already committed yourself to the task young Zelda. Thus you are set on this path. If you can master your new powers perhaps you may be able to hold your human form with ease. For now you should probably introduce yourself to your new master. Thus I bid you farewell~" With that the Great Fairy let out her signature laugh before flashing away into the ether, leaving the new Great Fairy alone in the fountain to ponder her fate. Zelda having only one reaction honestly.

"This cannot be happening!!" Zelda cried out while floating above the fountain. Looking around the fountain she could see how different her perspective now was. How much larger she was compared to everything...

"Princess, are you in here?!" Zelda turned to the entrance of the fountain at the familiar voice. Gasping a little as a duo ran in she was quite familiar with. Both Impa and Link entering the area with worry on their faces. Quickly replaced with great confusion at the sight. Both Link and Impa looking up at the newly transformed Zelda with awe.

"Y-your highness...?" Impa was the first to question this sight. Unable to fully comprehend what was going on. After a moment a blushing Zelda nodded, making both Link and Impa's jaws drop. The latter quickly reacting with the question, "How is this possible?! Your highness what happened?!?"

It took a few minutes for Zelda to explain the situation. How the Great Fairy said she made a serious error and had to do this in order to atone for it. Zelda left off the part of Link being involved. Not wanting him to somehow get blamed for all of this. It took some time to calm off Impa- the woman wanting to actually attack the Great Fairy responsible for all this. 

"Impa please! Look we can figure this out, but I must ask you to calm down before you do something drastic." Zelda said to Impa- said woman being held back by a struggling Link who was trying to avoid getting his head chopped off. 

"V-very well princess... as you wish..." Impa finally said after throwing Link into the water. The hero popping back up with a somewhat worried expression. Yet he was not greeted to the blade of the warrior but instead to her turning to Zelda. "If this is the case then we shall have a fountain built for you in the castle! It shall be the greatest of all Fairy Fountains!" Impa said, already planning out the designs in her mind.

Link took the time of Impa being drawn into her thoughts to get out of the water and approach Zelda. The young hero looking up at the giant with a soft blush on his face. Zelda looking down to him and almost instantly turning away. Her cheeks a soft pink color.

'W-what do I say to him like this? I-I'm almost naked compared to before! H-how do I go about speaking to him now...? Although... I-I must look pretty good to have him blush like that..." Zelda found herself confused at her own thoughts. Since when had she thought like that? The idea of flaunting her body in front of Link strangely appealing to her all of a sudden.

"Commander! We have a situation!!!" All three within the room turned to the entrance, seeing one of the captains appearing before them. Impa wasted no time in approaching the man with a questioned look on her face. "What is it soldier? Speak up."

"T-there is a large number of enemies on their way to this location! And the troops are still in bad shape from the previous fight!" All three of the higher members looked at one another with worry.

"Soldier how many do you estimate in their army?" Impa questioned in hopes to receive a low number. What she got was, "At least 2000 ma'am!" 

"Damn... We do not have the means to battle them right now. And retreat is only asking for casualties. Link at the moment you are the only one strong enough to fight. My arms are still far too damaged to be of any help. Do you believe you can take them on your own?" Impa asked the young hero. Link looking at her with slightly worried eyes before nodding. Determined to do battle. 

"Excellent. While Link is battling we shall have our forces retreat. Afterwards we shall send whatever forces that can fight to join him. Let us make haste before-"

"I shall accompany him." Impa's words were interrupted by a booming voice. Said voice belonging to the princess herself, Zelda. Impa and Link looked at one another before turning to Zelda.

"Your highness I cannot condone this action. We do not know the extent of these changes on you. Sending you into battle-"

"Shall give us a far better shot than sending Link alone. I am a Great Fairy now Impa. My powers are likely more than enough to help him with this task." As Zelda spoke both Link and Impa found themselves unable to really argue with that. They knew the power of the Great Fairy quite well. If Zelda was one now... 

"Impa I hear by order you to follow through with your earlier strategy. Link and I shall take care of this." With that Zelda crossed her arms, knowing Impa would try to object. Yet the look in her eyes just made Impa nod. "Y-yes your highness. Let us go!" Impa wasted no time in heading out, going to join the others in helping the retreat.

"Shall we then Link?" Zelda asked with a strange bit of confidence- different than her normal attitude towards the hero. Usually she tried to be calm and collected around the hero, quite shy around him in all honesty. Yet for some reason she did not feel that way at the moment. In fact she felt like showing off. Part of the reason why she suggested her idea. She wanted to show herself off to Link, to have him watch her work. 

Link himself just chuckled a little before leaving the fountain, Zelda floating after him with great ease. The two of them traveled a bit, reaching the entrance of the area and only met with an army of 2000 approaching moblins. Link looking at the large force with great ferocity while Zelda. 

"My my, is this all there is? How droll." Link turned up to the princess rather swiftly, looking rather confused. Zelda herself confused by her own words once more. "F-forgive me Link. Seems I am a bit out of it at the moment. But we shall be victorious."

Zelda took a moment to try and summon her blade. In doing so she summoned it... problem was that now it was basically a toothpick to her. "T-this might be a problem..." Zelda admitted before the duo looked up again. The force of 2000 approaching rather swiftly. Link himself just preparing to rush forward and attack.

'N-no! I was to be of help to him! But now I can't even summon my weapons. Oh who needs weapons when you are as amazing as I am...? W-wait what am I thinking?!' Zelda began to grab her head. Shaking it as two voices began to play in her mind- Link turning to the princess in concern. Wondering what was wrong with her.

"S-stop it!" Zelda yelled before swinging her arms forward at the enemies. Link's eyes going wide in shock as the motion released a shock wave of pure light energy. Easily wiping out a large dozen or so enemies that were unfortunate enough to be in the line of impact. 

It took a moment for Zelda to notice what she had done. Looking down at her hands before a thought occurred to her. She was really a Great Fairy now. One with light magic and a large body. What exactly was she capable of in this scenario? Link himself was so in awe at the princess he had not even noticed an enemy approach from behind. Link hearing its footsteps at the last moment.

He turned to draw his blade. Eyes wide in realization that the creature's blade was already upon him, closing in on his face. Realizing he would not be able to repel it he'd have to dodge. But in what direction? Link however did not have a moment to actually react as he vanished from sight. Only to reappear... in the air?

Link himself looked confused before looking around. Finding himself sealed up in what appeared to be a giant empty bottle. The cork a top having several holes in it to allow him to breathe. The hero let out a confused cry before looking behind him, greeted to the smiling face of Zelda looking at him and balancing the bottle on her finger tip.

"You needn't worry my little hero. Allow me to take care of this~" Zelda said with a strange flirting tone in her voice. Something rather odd for the princess to have. Link was just in a state of confusion and chose to watch. Not really able to do anything due to the fact he was stuck in a bottle...

Zelda turned to the rushing enemies with a smile. Various thoughts filling her mind even as the creatures descended upon her. With not much worry she swiped her hand. Several waves of light energy shooting out and wiping out various enemies with almost no trouble whatsoever.

"My my. It would seem I do not know my own strength~" Zelda chuckled before floating forward. Raising her well shaped leg up before slamming it down in a stomping motion. Creating a shockwave on the ground that sent multiple enemies flying.

"Ho ho ho!! What fun~" Zelda cried out before flying forward again. Knocking a large number of enemies into the air before slapping them around like they were nothing. Right before slamming them all back into the ground- watching them poof into dust.

Even as Zelda was single-handedly wiping away these enemies, deep down she was having a serious turmoil. Inside she questioned everything about this situation. The way her body was not reacting to her thoughts at all, not utilizing strategy and just going out like a bull. Yet this strategy was working quite well.

"See Link how easy it is for me?" Zelda questioned while winking at the boy. Link blushing a little from inside the bottle as the princess inwardly did the same. 'What is wrong with me?! Why do I keep speaking with him like that...? Although it does feel pretty good to have his focus solely on me like thi- no! Stop it!' 

Zelda inside was having serious trouble- her mind acting against her while taking out so many enemies. After finishing off more than half Zelda realized something was very wrong. "My my~ Link would you like for me to finish them all off just for you?" She asked the green wearing hero. Link just nodding but in confusion more so than acknowledgement. 

Even as the princess was preparing to finish off the remaining enemies, deep down she was fighting a losing battle. 'Stop it! This is now how I act! I-I am a princess, a regal member of society who does not act like so!'

'Oh but I love it~ The way Link's cute little face pays attention to me and me alone. It is just so cute~ And being this way his eyes are ALL on me~~'

'N-no! That isn't-'

'Isn't it so wonderful though? To be so powerful. To do whatever you wish with almost no limitations~'

'...i-it is somewhat nice... I will admit but-'

'And you can do whatever you please~ And have the young hero at your side for all times. Isn't that nice~?'

'...y-yeah it is... I-I like the way he looks at me...'

'Don't you want to keep that look on you at all times? All you have to do is be your true self. Allow yourself to be what you are truly meant to be.' 

Within Zelda's vision of herself began to morph. She had it set to see only her human form, but now it was rapidly changing, her mind set alongside it. Zelda able to see herself turning more and more like a Great Fairy with each passing moment. She enjoyed the way her body looked, the way her every jiggle seemed to catch the eyes of those around her. The flow of the air around her making her feel just amazing- floating through the world with no worries. She was stronger now. She was more powerful. Zelda could do whatever she wished...

"Ohohohoho!" Zelda laughed while unleashing one last shockwave of pure light magic. Watching the enemies vaporize into dust before everything went calm. Link just blinking at the destructive force of the new Zelda. Letting out a cry of surprise as Zelda snapped her fingers- Link finding himself on the ground once more and out of the bottle.

In a rather strange motion from Zelda the fairy floated a bit above the ground behind Link. Smiling as she motioned a single hand upwards and pressed one of her nails softly against the boy's cheek, making him blush.

"Linky, you and I seem to make quite the wonderful team. We took out a group of 2000 in but a mere ten minutes~ Thus we should be partners from now on~" Zelda cooed as her eyes sparkled. Link a bit confused at the woman's tone and reactions, reminding him much of a normal Great Fairy. The male not even noticing the way Zelda's nose became a bit more pointed in shape, too distracted by his heavy blush at the woman teasing him.

If only he knew what had occurred within the young princess. The way her regal mind had just been completely consumed by the thoughts and desires of a Great Fairy. No longer thinking like a princess but like a powerful being who could do as she pleased. And playing with Link was just so much fun to her. She wanted to stay with this little hero as long as possible. And seeing as she was meant to, it just made it all the better.

"Take good care of me from now on owner~" Zelda cooed in a slight joking tone. Link just blushing hard while looking away. Zelda letting out a laugh much like the other great fairies.

From that point on none were unfamiliar with the combination of Link and GF Zelda. The giant woman easily wiping out entire armies by herself with Link always at her side. Every battle ending with her teasing the little hero before taking him close. Link eventually getting used to it but still dealing with quite a lot.  It was also around that time that Zelda's fountain was built, christening her new form fully.

Thus the world would soon be aware of the Great Fairy Zelda. And her signature laugh with bottle as she stormed the battlefield. None truly knowing what had happened within the girl, and now the princess had turned to a fairy... All they knew was that she was quite happy to say the least. 

The Great Fairy Zelda
This is one of the final stories I shall be posting. This one being for my friend :icondragon-fangx: Thanks for all the support all this time.

Princess Zelda from Hyrule Warriors into a Great Fairy. Something we did a while back. However did not edit it at all because I didn't want to.

Hyrule Warriors property of Nintendo
Such a good morning too. Was setting up a new trade, getting ready to write, enjoy the day off. When someone comes along and ruins it in a moment's notice. Fucking. Yay. Fuck today. I'm gonna go break some shit or something, I don't fucking know...
Due to a few people speaking about it, there is a chance that I might start doing commissions. Pricing is in the works.


UPDATE: This is unlikely to occur but just testing out prices. Do not expect anything out of this however.
One short would be 4-5 dollars and would consist of passages from 400-900 words.
However as a special if you want three shorts it is 8 dollars. Same length.
Full stories of 1500-3500 words will be from 9-12 dollars. 
And special theme stories will be discounted when time comes.


Story themes shall be set below.
-Transformation (Animal, inanimate, etc)
-Age Regression or Progression along with Mental Regression
-Weight Gain 
-Non-Tf stories as well

Stories not likely to be accepted:
-Porn of any type
-Death stories
-Hate stories

This is just a letting you know journal. If anyone is interested in possibly commissioning then let me know below. Thus I can decide to actually start or not...


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