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I honestly hate this stupid day. So please no one trying to pull pranks on me or anything. Dead serious, I am not in the mood for it.
Same one as the regression journal. I am curious as to what female characters are rarely transformed. So wanted to see what you people could come up with on which females are not commonly transformed. Female characters only please. Thanks for your time.

Nico Robin 
Android 18 
Mai Shiranui 
Tronne Bonne 
Yuki Nagato (Emotionless is hard but hey its not impossible)
Cana Alberano, Wendy Marvell, Levi McGarden and Bisca (Fairy Tail)
Whitney, Viola, Olympia and Valerie (Pokemon)
Boa Hancock (One Piece)


List has gotten a lot longer since I started this journal. Truth be told some of these people I HAVE written stories on them being regressed before. But yeah, curious to see who else can be named. Might try and pick one that interest me in the future.

Just curious who you people can come up with. What female anime/game/cartoon/etc characters are rarely physical or mentally regressed? Wanna see if anyone can come up with names that catch interest :3

Names given so far:
Akame from Akame  Ga Kill,
Baiken from Guildy wars
C.C from Code Geas
All the female from SnK(attack on titans)
Detective Conan Females
Sunset Shimmer from My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks.
Sora Takenouchi from Digimon.
Wendy Marvell
Peggy Carter from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Elly from Xenogears.
Megumi from Rurouni Kenshin
Revya from Soul Nomad
Maka albarn from Soul Eater. 
Marivel Armitage from Wild Arms 2
Rin Tohsaka and Sakura Matou from Fate/Stay Night
Goldie from Rock-A-Doodle
The girls from the School Days series
Lacus Clyne from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED
Yoruichi from bleach
Hallibel and her fraction
All from bleach
Yoko from Gurren Lagann
Helen Parr/Elastigirl, Violet Parr and Mirage from The Incredibles.
The Maiden in Black, Yuria the Witch, Gwynevere, Quelaana of Izalith, Crossbreed Priscilla, Quelaag the Chaos Witch, and many more.
Seras from Hellsing
(Erza Age Regression)

"So this is it huh?" Questioned a certain young red head as she stood in front of a store. Before the woman's eyes was a small boutique of sorts that sold clothing. The woman having heard that this store was quite famous for its amzing style and prices.

Thus at present stood Erza Scarlet. The woman currently out on a job to take out some bandits, only to take a break before arriving at her destination. This due to the fact she heard rumors about a wonderful clothing store that got clothing that fit you perfectly. Both size wise and personality wise.

"It is smaller than I imagined." Erza commented before approaching the door. Pushing it open with ease before stepping inside. Her eyes growing wide as the inside seemed much larger than expected. The entire store filled to the brim with various outfits for women. For literally all ages from the looks of it.

"Hello. And welcome to The Cradle." Erza found her eyes turned to someone approaching. From the looks of it an employee- possibly the owner. After all it was the only person Erza spotted in the entire store.

"What may I do for you?" The woman asked. Erza taking a moment to examine the woman. Seeing she was a gorgeous pale skinned woman. Hair blonde with it tied into a braid as it rolled down her back- eyes a sharp blue. Erza also noticing how buxom the woman was as she stood around in a maid's outfit.

"Hello. Was just hoping to have a look around is all." Erza stated before moving to examine some outfits. The woman simply nodded before going back to checking on some of the clothing racks.

As the red head looked around Erza realized that the outfits were organized not only by size but by age group. All of them extremely well made and likely expensive. Granted Erza knew she could afford anything thrown at her so she kept looking.

"This looks nice." Erza stated before picking up a short black dress with white frills. Top cut to show off her navel along with some clevage. Wasting no time the wizard made her way to one of the dressing rooms. Dismissing her armor in order to change into the outfit- left in just a bra and panties. With ease she slipped on the dress, unaware of the strange emblem on the tag glowing for but a brief moment.

After a bit of work Erza stepped out. Now in the tight fitting dress that showed off her curves in all the right ways. The red head smiling upon looking into a mirror next to the room, only to jump a bit as the woman from before clapped.

"My my. That looks stunning on you my dear." The woman stated with a soft smile. Erza about to thank her for the compliment before, "But it looks a bit loose on you my dear."

Erza blinked in confusion before looking at the outfit. Noticing that it was loose on her form. The chest area and hips not filling it out the way it should. Erza could have sworn the dress fit her perfectly but a moment ago, but it was evident that it didn't. With a raised brow she spoke.

"How odd... Perhaps in my excitement I mistook it for fitting well..." She mumbled before the blonde smiled. Taking Erza by the hand suddenly and leading her to a nearby rack. Erza about to speak out at this sudden action but was soon handed another outfit.

"Try this on my dear. It sould fit you much better." The woman stated before smiling. Erza herself looking at the outfit for a moment, unable to deny how cute it looked. With a little bit of concern she looked at it one more time before going back to the dressing room.

A minute or so later Erza stepped back out in a sleeveless white blouse and a pair of back shots. Her hair tied into a pony tail- elastic having come with the outfit. She looked quite cute, almost like a young teen. Erza looking at herself in the mirror with a smile once more.

"Excellent~ You are just the cutest thing aren't you?" The blonde asked, making Erza blush at the compliment. Butterflies in her stomach all of a sudden at the attention. However she was quick to notice something was wrong. Her pants suddenly feeling a bit loose as the insignia from the tag glowed. She had not noticed the glow however but knew something was off.

"Excuse me, but this outfit seems to be a bit loose as well." Erza commented, making the blonde seem confused. She approached Erza for a moment before checking on the tags, gasping softly as if she realized something.

"Oh dear! It would seem I gave you the wrong size. Forgive me my dear. Here let's try another outfit." The blonde said to Erza. The latter simply nodding as she was ready to try on some more clothes. A thought hitting her in that moment.

'W-wait... Didn't I have something to do? Should I be here just trying on more clothes...?' As the red head was in her thoughts she hadn't noticed the woman return with another outfit. Only realizing it as she was handed another one.

"Go ahead. This one should be just as cute." With a somewhat confused expression Erza just found herself nodding. Taking herself to the dressing room once more before starting to undress normally. Not even thinking of using her magic to do so.

As Erza was removing clothing she took note of something weird. Underneath her shirt was some strange piece she didn't fully recognize. It was large and was shaped strangely. As it was meant to hold something. Deciding she didn't really recognize it the red head tossed it aside. Going back to putting on her new clothing.

If Erza was in her right set of mind she would have noticed something was very wrong. Each time she put on the clothing she seemed to get smaller and smaller. Now as she was putting it on she no longer resembled the strong woman known as Titania. Instead what stood there was a red haired young girl. Looking around the age of eight or so.

It was a few minutes before Erza stepped out. The girl now wearing a little blue dress with a red bow in the front. Her hair tied into pig tails as she stood there- blushing a little due to being due.

"Awww~ You look so cute~" The employee cooed at Erza. The red head's blush only deepening at the attention.

"Tan-Thank you." Erza commented, wondering why she almost lisped that part out. Only to be distracted by the woman approaching her and adjusting the dress. Said woman smiling as the tag glowed once more. The magic in them once again effecting Erza.

"Let's try another outfit shall we?" Erza again found herself just nodding to the blonde. Unable to find a reason to stop trying on outfits. Soon she was lead to the dressing room- this time the woman going in with her.

"Alright sweetie. Let's try on a special outfit~" The woman cooed before starting to undress Erza. The latter feeling as tough something was wrong with this, but found herself unable to figure out what. Thus she remained quiet. Not knowing she had shrunken even more while wearing the last outfit.

"Oh I'm sorry sweetie. I'm afraid I did not catch your name." The blonde commented while setting Erza's dress aside. The red head answering after her new outfit was placed over her head.

"Ew-Erza. Erza Scarlet." She replied, though her voice was now much more high pitched than before. The woman herself just smiling at the way Erza replied.

"Hello Erza. You may call me Mama." The woman identifying herself as Mama stated before moving Erza's arms through the arm holes of the outfit. Erza a bit confused as Mama knelt down and lifted one leg after the other. Slipping something onto Erza before slidding it up underneath her new outfit.

If the red head was aware of what was going on she would have realized that Mama had just put training panties on her. Though Erza was too distracted by a strange haze constantly hitting her during the outfit changes.

"Now let's see how you look." Mama commented before taking Erza back out. The latter looking in the mirror in confusion before blinking a few times. Her outfit now a cute little white summer dress with a pair of black mary janes on her feet. Hair tied up in large pig tails showing off her little chubby face.

"D-dis is me...?" Erza questioned while looking in the mirror. Able to tell something was wrong with the image before her. Yet thoughts were cut off as Mama hugged her from behind.

"Yes sweetie. And you are just adorable aren't you?" The woman asked while making sure the tags were still glowing. Erza's eyes glazing over for a moment before nodding. No longer looking like Titania but like a little three year old toddler instead. A strange sensation to suck her thumb hitting her while Mama just giggled.

"I have one more outfit for you my special Erza~ Shall we try it on?" Mama asked the small red head while she was being hugged. Erza looking in the mirror for a moment before nodding. Once again seeing nothing wrong with getting her clothing changed.

With a smirk Mama lifted Erza up and carried her back into the changing room. Instead of standing her back up however Erza was laid onto the bench within the room. Looking up at the ceiling as her dress and training panties were removed. Erza all the while just sucking on her thumb as she continued to shrink.

"Almost done sweetie. I have the perfect outfit just for you~" Mama cooed while lifting Erza's legs up with one hand. The red head too distracted by the haze that overtook her mind at present. It was consuming her mind entirely- no longer able to think clearly as she had before entering the establishment. The sound of crinkling and taping filling her ears before she felt something fluffy placed on her.

"And done~" Mama cooed before picking Erza up. The red head still sucking on her thumb before being brought before the mirror. Little eyes growing wide for a moment before being held in the woman's arms.

Erza was no longer a full grown woman. Instead held before a mirror was a red haired infant. Looking no more than eight months old in a little blue onesie. Obviously diaper underneath it to match her new form. Erza's eyes now much bigger and more innocent as she sucked on her thumb. Looking at the mirror with great confusion.

It was in that moment that realization dawned on her. Why she had felt so odd, what was happening, everything. This woman had turned her into a baby. The clothing obviously responsible. She could tell that much as the tag on the onesie was still glowing.

'I-I have to get away! Have to use my Nag-' Erza was thinking of using her most powerful armor to try and flee. However that thought was interrupted by Mama. Erza having removed her thumb due to shock her mouth was wide open- Mama popping a pacifier in between the infant's lips in that moment.

"There we go. Now you are all dressed up~" Mama cooed while watching Erza in the mirror. Able to tell that the pacifier was having the same effect as the clothing- item glowing for a moment as Erza began to suck on it.

Erza herself could feel her mind completely cloud over as she suckled on the baby item. Now much more fitting for her as thoughts began to fade away. A dumb little smile forming on her face as eyes completely glazed over. Leaving the once proud Titania as a red haired infant in this woman's arms.

"I see my little Erza is all done." Mama cooed before tickling Erza. The infant breaking out into a fit of giggles before babbling softly. Obviously completely consumed by this woman's strange magic clothing. Upon seeing Erza was all done Mama carried her towards the back. Door opening to reveal a portal of sorts. Upon stepping through they both arrived in a nursery. Mama wasting no time in laying Erza down in one of the cribs.

"Rest now sweetie. Hopefully we'll have you a new sissy soon. And then we can try one some more outfits~" The mad woman cooed before walking off. Erza simply yawning behind her pacifier before falling asleep.

Once the back door was shut Mama just smiled. Moving to gather the clothing Erza had left behind before hearing the door open. In walking a certain dark haired swords woman from Mermaid's Heel. Mama just smirking at the sight.

"Welcome to the Cradle~"
Be Careful What You Wear
This was another kind of spur of the moment kind of story. Was working on some stuff and somehow ended up writing this. Original Draft is being posted for now, will go back and fix when I am feeling a bit better. Otherwise here we have Erza Scarlet being regressed into an infant. Due to some outfits she decided to try on. Stupid idea I know but it was mine so ;p
Hope you guys enjoy

Fairy Tail Copyright of Hiro Mashima
(Rangiku Age Regression)

The sight was not an uncommon one for those who knew her. The Vice-Captain known as Rangiku presently drunk as can be. Having downed cup after cup of sake after a long day at work. Granted she spent most of it goofing off, however it still did not stop her from getting drunk.

"Mooore~" Rangik said in a drunken slur to no one in particular. Everyone had already long since gone home, leaving the woman by herself to drink. Yet it did not slow her in the slightest as she reached for another bottle. Only to suddenly feel it handed to her...

"My my, it would seem you are enjoying yourself." Rangiku looked up at he source of said comment- blinking a bit at the sight. For before her now stood a blonde haired maid- hair tied into a long braid. Her attire that of a maid's- with gloves and everything. Yet she did not give off the vibe of one... For a moment Rangiku thought about that. She did not recognize this woman... though the idea of a maid strangely seemed to remind her of something. Something she overheard... A comment about there being a maid around lately. Thus Rangiku figured this must be who they were talking about.

"Hello Maid lady~" Rangiku said in a slur, doing a few hiccups as she prepared to down some more sake. "You wanna drink too?" She asked right before gulping said sake. The maid herself just smiling.

"Oh I am quite alright my dear. Drink up. I shall keep you plenty supplied." Rangiku was a bit confused at what the maid meant but complied. Gulping down the rest of her sake without hesitation. The maid simply smiling while handing her another drink. As she drank Rangiku seemed to realize something was a bit off. Her clothing starting to feel strangely loose at certain points, most of all her chest. However in her drunken state she paid it not much mind. The woman supplying her with drinks smiling. 

"So you wish to be a Vice-Captain correct?" The maid asked, Rangiku unaware that she was just handed a beer instead of sake. Yet she gulped it down like the rest, not noticing as she did so her body began to shrink even more. Looking less mature and more like an older student. Possibly around the age of twenty one.

"Well yeah... Once you are a Vice-Captain you can drink all the beer you want! I'm more than strong enough to be a Vice Captain after all." Rangiku said before drinking some more. Body looking less like her Vice-Captain self and more like her final year in the Academy. As she drank the maid just smiled, placing another drink in front of Rangiku. Watching as the woman's figure seemed to keep shrinking- ample breast reduced in size.

"Drinking is not that fun though my dear. You should wait until you are older." The woman said, Rangiku taking the next drink and gulping it down with ease. Each gulp making her smaller and smaller. Body going from adult like to that of a teen. Due to this she was unaware the drink she was handed was not beer. Instead it was actually an energy drink. One used by human teens when playing sports. Yet she enjoyed it so much that she it was left unnoticed. Just her realizing that it tasted really good. 

"Don't see what the problem is with me wanting to drink... I'm not some kind of kid..." The teen Rangiku said while sipping her energy drink. Blushing slightly at the way the woman was looking at her. "God you aren't my mom you know! Stop looking at me like that!" Rangiku called out while blushing.

"Hehe. Sorry my dear. Take this is as an apology" Before Rangiku could protest to the woman another drink was placed in front of her. Rangiku eyeing it wearily as if something was wrong... Yet she could not place her finger on it, simply taking the drink.

"Yeah yeah whatever...." The Shinigami muttered before opening up the bottle. Drinking it as she had with all the others, this time recognizing it as orange juice. "Wow this is strangely good..." She muttered while drinking the juice. Not even noticing the way her body reacted to it almost instantly. Form losing any curves it once had- breast receding back in leaving her as nothing more than a six year old girl. 

The enigmatic maid herself just smiled at the sight. Seeing each change occur and how they transitioned. The way her clothing shrank and morphed with her- going from her robes to student ones to a crop top with shorts, and lastly a cute little sun dress. Rangiku's hair now tied into pig tails, her little legs kicking happily as she drank her juice. 

"Still thirsty sweetie?" The blonde asked making Rangiku raise a brow. Placing down the empty juice bottle she went into thought. She had plenty to drink... So why was there a strange bit of thirst still on her tongue. Unable to really stop herself she nodded. The maid giving off a strangely menacing smile. 

In a flash Rangiku was in the woman's lap. Eyes blinking her confusion before they slowly slipped shut. The woman giving off a rather odd warmth that comforted Rangiku to her very core.

"Drink up sweetie~ Mama saved the best for last~" The woman's voice was so nice and calm. Rangiku by instinct simply opening her mouth before suckling what felt like a baby bottle. In fact, that was exactly the case. The once well bodied Shinigami now suckling milk out of a bottle. Cradled like an infant while each gulp made her smaller and smaller. Limbs turning tiny and chubby while a bit of chubbiness filled her cheeks. 

"There we go. Drink until your little belly is all full~" the blonde cooed as she cradled the now infant Rangiku. The vice captain's eyes opening in realization for but a single moment. Right before her pupils dilated- thoughts melting away from the sheer taste of the milk. Left to just drink away more and more. The once proud Shinigami left as infant girl in a diaper, onesie and hair in pig tails. 

At seeing Rangiku try and finish her drink, the one responsible gave off a wicked smile. "There we are my sweet~ you enjoy your bottle? Don't you worry. You'll have plenty to drink for a long time to come~" the woman cooed before standing and walking off. Cradling her new daughter with one arm, the other holding the bottle steady. Rangiku just happy to have her special drink~
Be Careful What You Drink
This was just one I did a long while back. Was going to fix it some more but got lazy honestly... Thus just gonna post it up. This is part of that series I mentioned with age regression. This time around Rangiku regressing via drinks. I might fix this later on to be better, but for now it's just this. Hope some of you enjoy it at least. 

Bleach copyright of its owners.
I honestly hate this stupid day. So please no one trying to pull pranks on me or anything. Dead serious, I am not in the mood for it.


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